EUROPEAN PIONEER departing 16th JUNE 2011


Hi everybody,

A couple of my friends and I have signed on to do the European Pioneer leaving June 16th 2011.

Anyone else out there joining us?



Hi Mikhala,

I am booking the European Pioneer for the 16th June this week. Can’t wait. Staying in London for 2 days before the tour. Also travelling to Scotland and Ireland after the tour.

Have you been to Europe before?



Hi Greg,

Two of us have been to Europe before (I was only pretty young so I don’t remember much - looking forawrd to doing it again) and one of us hasn’t so we’re a bit of a mixed bag. We’re also staying in London for a couple of days - figured it would be good to try to get over the jetlag before heading off on such a huge tour. I’m staying on and going around the UK for about 4 weeks afterwards as well.

Definitely looking forward to it - perhaps a bit prematurely - but you know how it is!


I’m coming too…
Yes also from Canberra… Recommended by Miss Mikhala… ;D


Hey guys,

I’m thinking of doing this tour as well. It seems most of you are from Australia…I’m all the way from Canada :slight_smile: Have any of you been on a topdeck tour before?


Hey Mira,

I did the European Getaway with Topdeck in 2006 and had the best time. It was a Euroclub tour that went through some of the countries that the Pioneer goes through so know what to expect on the tour.

If you have any questions about the tour or euroclub tours let me know. Hopefully I can answer them.



My friends and I are still undecided whether we’ll join the European Pioneer or not.
There are many tour suggestions that we’ve got.


Hi All,
I have just booked and paid to join this tour.
Will be staying in London for a couple of days either side of the tour.
My name is Jess and I live in Sydney. Cant wait, count down is on!
I havent been to Europe before, but have wanted to go for years now.
Love this forum, a good way to get to know a few people before we all meet in June!


Hey Jess,

I haven’t been to Europe either, count down is on, its going to be awesome… :slight_smile:


Great to see so many people joining this tour :slight_smile:

Greg, it would be great if you could answer some of my questions! It seems that most travel agents can’t haha.

Are Topdeck tours all about drinking like some of the other youth tours are? I like to party, but I am going to Europe to see the sights, not be hungover the entire time.

Do you get a lot of free time in each city? Are you basically just dropped off, or are tours included in each city?

That’s all I can think of for now, I’ll be back later!


I am really craving to do the EUROPEAN PIONEER and hopefully we can make it after one tour.


Hi Mira,

Happy to answer your questions.

The tour I went on wasn’t all about drinking. Most of the group I was with chose Topdeck because it didn’t have the reputation that Contiki has as being a drinking and partying tour. We had people from aged from 18 to 36 on the tour and there was only a small group that would party every night. There is no pressure to party every night that’s for sure. I found if you wanted to have a big night do it when you are travelling the next day as you spend most of that day on the bus and you don’t miss anything being hungover. I certainly got to see all of the sights that I wanted to.

In some of the places we went we would usually arrive in the afternoon and the Topdeck leader would give us a walking tour around the city. In most of the cities the next day is free for you to explore. If there wasn’t enough time when arriving we would do the walking tour in the morning with the rest of the day free. Later in the day you meet back up with the group or head back to the accommodation. Topdeck supply you with a map with city highlights and directions on how to get back to the accommodation.

There are also some optional activities that you can do in some of the cities. On my tour we did some as a group and others only some people did. It’s entirely up to you.


Hello! Me & two of my friends are also going on this tour! super exciting, this will be the first time in Europe for all of us & cannot wait! we will be spending several days in London prior to the tour, at a backpackers in cental London, looking forward to meeting you all! :slight_smile:


I was sooo close to doing this trip - this date in-fact but decided to go with the Mega-European! Good luck guys, enjoy!


Hi All,

I’m also joining this tour (with Mikhala and Kat487). Really looking foward to the trip! I hail from Brissy, so at least their will be a cross section of Aussies!

I’ve travelled to France and the UK before, but most of this tour will be new for me! Will be in Paris before, so will meet you guys there, rather than starting in London. And after I’m off to Southern England and Spain.

Mira I’m with you about not wanting to be hungover the entire trip, so its nice to know that having a bit of a party is an option, but that its not what the trip will revolve around.

Greg, thanks for your insights about Topdeck tours.

Thanks to the jolly fatman, I unwrapped a travel pack for christmas, so its just increased my excitment!!!

Alix :slight_smile:


Hey hey,

Sounds like you are a Topdeck pro Greg! What other handy hints do you have?
How strict are they on bag sizes? Is the accommodation always out of town or do they have some places that are relatively close to the top spots? How many countries have you already done on this style of tour? Which was your favourite place?
Sorry for the bombardment of questions but I’m really curious to know as much as I can and am getting really excited!

I agree with Jess about the forums, it will be nice to know at least people’s names before we all head off together - this tour is a long one too so everything helps I guess!

You should definitely come with us Mira - by the sounds of it we are a mostly Aussie bunch and it will be great to have a few people that aren’t! I also agree with the not hungover bit - like Greg said, that is why I chose Topdeck and not Contiki. I’m not adverse to a few nights out but I’m spending a lot of money to travel and don’t want to waste it all staring at the inside of my eyelids instead of the sights!

I am also thanking Santa for a few things - a new pack and some travel accessories came my way so that is great.

Also a handy hint for anyone in Aus - Kathmandu are having a massive sale on packs and everything travel (mostly between 40 and 60% off usual prices) until the 4th of Jan. Get down there if you need anything pretty good quality for quite cheap!

Excitement growing by the day now - it’s all I can do to stop myself making one of those count down calendars 5 year olds are so fond of!

Mik ;D


Hi Mikhala,

No dramas answering your questions.

As long as your bag is within the size limits and not over 20kg you wonÂ’t have a problem. I remember from the tour I did a few bags were over the size limit and it was a bit of a squeeze getting all the bags on the coach. There was a mixture of backpacks and suitcases on that tour.

From memory most of the accommodation was out of town. When that was the case the coach would take us into the city in the morning and pick us up later in the day. The only accommodation that was in the city was in Amsterdam and Nice.

The places that I went to on my tour that are on this tour were Paris, Lauterbrunnen, Nice, Venice, Florence, Rome, Prague and Amsterdam. Hard to pick a favourite as all of the places were awesome in their own way. If I had to pick one it would be the Swiss Alps. The scenery was amazing.

There are heaps of places on this tour that I canÂ’t wait to see. IÂ’m really looking forward to seeing Barcelona and Budapest. Bring on June!!

We should create a group on facebook for the tour. Would be a good way of keeping in contact with everyone before and after the tour.

If you have any other questions let me know, IÂ’ll try and answer them.



Hi, Im planning on doing this trip, I just got approval for annual leave from work, i just have to book it now.

I live west of the blue mountains in Australia and I’ve never been to Europe or traveled overseas by myself before. Cant wait to meet everyone and for the tour to start.



Just reserved my spot! Travel agent told me there were only 5 spots remaining (4 now!), so anyone thinking about it, do it now!


After I read your post I ran out of work down the steet to the travel agents, and they rang the top deck main office here in Australia but its located in Brisbane and they are closed due to the floods, so we had to book through the UK office, so im in too, woohoo.