European Pioneer - Departing 11th June 2017


Hey guys! Couldn’t find a topic for this departure date, so I decided to make one.

My name’s Alec. I’m 24 years old from Western Australia, on my first big trip abroad, travelling solo. :grimacing:
Just reaching out, so reply if you feel like a chat! Happy to talk details with any seasoned Topdeck travellers, or get to know any other first time explorers. Cheers!

Also wondering if anyone is planning any travel of there own for immediately before or after the tour.

Look forward to hearing back! Thanks all.


Hey Alec! Hehe there actually is a thread for this tour, but it’s way too far back to look! I must’ve posted it quuuuite a while ago :slight_smile:

I’ll be going on this trip too! I’m Nicole and I’ll be 23 on the tour! We have a Facebook group for the tour which I’ve linked in the previous thread :slight_smile: I’ll find it for you now!



Also will be in London from the 6th onwards, staying with a friend and will be doing a little sightseeing and going to the Harry Potter studios! Unfortunately not doing any travel after as I’ll have to fly back for uni… already missing 2 weeks :frowning: