European pioneer Aug 23 2012



Was looking for a forum to join with the European Pioneer tour departing Aug 23rd 2012 and could not find one.

Is there anyone on here on this trip?

Would be great to talk to you.



Hi Del,

My sis, friend and i will be doing this tour!! Just checked and it’s a guaranteed departure now too!!

So excited.



Hi Abi

Soooo good to hear from you I was beginning to think I would be on that bus by myself haha.

Ohhhh really that is awesome news about the tour I did not realise, that eases some nerves. I’m traveling alone.

Have you got much left to Plan?

It is ey getting pretty excited as well ;D



Ive just booked myself on this tour as well. Im travelling solo so im a little nervous but VERY excited :slight_smile:

Are either of you staying at the clink beforehand?



Hi Alex yep I am staying at the clink Hostel the night before we leave. Read up on some of the reviews so hopefully it will be OK there’s mixed feelings about it haha. I am traveling alone too so its good that there is a few of us that can stick together hehe. Have you done much traveling before?


Hey hey I’m on this tour! We also depart from London on my birthday so that will be a little bit fun :slight_smile: I’m pleased to see there are some other solo travellers too - it’s my first time overseas. Is anyone else thinking of doing the skydiving option in Switzerland?



Ohhhh wow we will have to make sure we all catch up at the clink for a few drinks for your bday then :slight_smile: I am still trying to talk myself into doing it but I know I’ll chicken out hehe. You considering it?


I really want to - I looked up photos of it and they look aaaammazing. I think I’d hate myself if I passed it up. Only three months to go, starting to get really excited!


Ohhh haven’t seen any photos should try look it up too. 3 months yikes it will be time to leave in no time Lol not many pay days left then haha. Two of my friends have just started the same tour and they are having a blast. Are you on Facebook I haven’t seen any pages set up for it thought there would of been?


I sure am - We should start a group. I tried to but I need friends on the tour to add to it.


Trips getting close guys. How is everyone going with preparations? Has anyone set up a phone card or money card? Not sure who to go through as the best option, any ideas?