European Pioneer - April 22


Hi! I just booked this tour today for the 22nd of April…anyone else on this one? I’m from Canada but will be travelling in Australia until this tour starts.


Hi Patty!
I will be doing this tour and so will my friend Kassie (we are from Melbourne, Australia). I also found a post from a girl called Alexa (from Canada) who is also doing it. I just created a facebook group so please join :slight_smile:


Yay! I was starting to think I was the only one lol


Hey thats me,
I’ll be on this tour as well! where abouts in canada are you from?
So excited the trips coming up fast!


hey guys i am looking at booking European Pioneer tour to leave on the 16th of Septmeber. Just wanted to know how was your trip? and do you have any suggestions or hints for this trip? hope you all had a great time :slight_smile: