European Pioneer April 21st


Hi :slight_smile:

Just wondering who is going to be setting out on this tour? I cant wait to go! We leave in less than 4 weeks so I thought we could all get to know each other before we start the tour.

My name is Sarah, I am from Newcastle NSW and I am 26, traveling solo!

Whos next…


Hi Sarah,
My name is Ingrid I’m 24 and travelling with two friends Joe and Cathy we are all from Hobart, Tasmania.
Can’t wait we arrive in london on the 17th April so not too long to go now. Look forward to meeting you.


Hi Ingrid…I fly in on the 20th (day before tour starts). So I will see you and Joe and Cathy on the 21st. Looking forward to meeting you too. Not long at all. Its the final countdown now…cant wait! Yeeew!!


Hi guys,
my friend and I are doing the timeless trail leaving London on the 21st of April, which I think means we are on the same tour? Only we stop in Athens while the rest of the tour keeps going. I hope this is the case as this is the first post I’ve seen from anyone else on a tour leaving London that day!

My friend Talia and I are both 20 and live in Adelaide. We’re flying into London on the 18th and staying at clink hostel :slight_smile:


Hmmm timeless trail I don’t chick but if we do then we will see u in three weeks. I guess u could always ring Topdeck and ask them. I fly out of syd on the 19Th and get to London the next day 20th staying that night at the clink so maybe run into u there. Have fun counting down! Woop! Ha ha


Hi Sarah, Ingrid, and everyone!

Figured I would say hello in advance of the trip! It was nice to finally find that someone had posted about the European Pioneer departing in April.

My name is Joe. I am 23 and I’m from the U.S. and also traveling solo! excited to start and meet everyone in person :slight_smile:


Hi Joe!! Not long now…only 12 more days till we fly out…well I do, not sure about traveling from the US. Either way…its not far out!!!

Cant wait to meet everyone! We are going to have some goooooood times! Yeew!!!


Hi! I’m Natasha from Singapore and I’m also joining the tour! I’ll fly into London on the 20th! Can’t wait! (:smile: