European Pioneer - 9th May 2013


Hi Everyone,

I am booked on the European Pioneer Tour that departs 9th May 2013. Anyone else booked on this trip?

I’m travelling from New Zealand and doing it solo so would love to meet others that are doing the tour!

Katie :slight_smile:


Hey Katie,

I am going on that trip too. I am 22 and from Alabama in the US. I am doing the timeless trail so I will only be there for the first 21 days. I am excited to meet someone else going on my tour I can’t wait to leave.




Hi Katie,
I’ll be on the European Pioneer, and i’m travelling solo too. I’m 25 and have been living in London for the past year and this is one of my last trips before heading home to NZ.
Have a safe trip over, look forward to meeting you. You too Julia.

See ya soon


Hey Alissa,

I’m so excited to hear there a few girls around my age going. That’s so great you have been living in London. After the tour I might be working in London for the summer or Italy it is not finalized yet. Only a little over a month now.




Hi Ladies,

My sister and I will also be doing a part of this tour!! (Gaudi and Glitz: starting May 15th for 15 days) We are from Toronto, Canada and we just can’t wait for May to come!

Look forward to meeting you!



Hi Katie, Alissa, Julia & Niki,

My friend Cassie and I are on this tour too! We are from Auckland NZ and 22. We can’t believe only weeks to go now!

Can’t wait to meet you girls, will be a trip of a life time.

Sarah and Cass


I could not be more excited, I graduate college in a week and we leave in less than two!