European Pioneer 9th June 2011


Hi all,

I’m travelling solo on the European Pioneer tour leaving on the 9th of June…little bit nervous about going on my own and was hoping to chat with others who I’ll be bunking with for 36 days!

Nic :slight_smile:


Hi Nic!

I’m also travelling solo on the European Pioneer but on the 2nd June tour unfortunately! Hope your plans are coming along well. .when do you arrive in London?


hay emma
im also travelling solo on the European Pioneer on the 2nd of june ;D so excited Will be staying in the clink hostel 3 days before we leave canÂ’t wait


Hi Sarah!
Thats awesome, stoked to find someone on the same trip! It is so exciting ae, have just booked at the Clink hostel too for 1st June (going to family to offload some luggage first!). Where in NZ are you from? Are you staying in the UK long term after the trip finishes or just travelling?



im from the palmerston north Where abouts are you? ill be flying back after our trip. im so excited cant wait to get started


Cool! Im from Otorohanga (Waikato area). Same here, bring on June 2! Look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:


I think I’m going to stay at the hostel recommended by topdeck too…looked at some other accommodation and its all so expensive! Hope u guys have a fantastic time!


Hi Nic,

My partner and I are going on the June 9 European Pioneer Tour as well. Happy to talk to you about things, bit nervous myself.