European Pioneer 9th August


Hi everyone,

I have just booked European Pioneer departing the 9th of August which is on sale now with 20% off!
Just wondering anyone else in the same trip?

BTW, I booked my flight from Sydney to London with Malaysia airline on 2th August, will stay a few days in London before the tour.

Also booked a 15 days Egypt tour as well after this.

can’t wait to go!



Hey Sophie,

I have just booked the same tour! Looking forward to it, haven’t had a big holiday alone before.

Is this your first tour?



Hi Steven,

Happy that you replied my post! I just wonder why there r so many people with the tour before and after this but not for 9th August lol.

This is my first trip to Europe, and I will arrive there on 3rd August so I will have 6 days in UK but seems all olympic tickets r sold out?

Have u booked ur accomodation? I booked Clink78 hostel (top deck recommend hostel, I think we start from there early morning in 9th August) on 8th August but haven’t booked the other days. Probably will book the same hostel on 13th September when we back to London.

And I will fly to Egypt after this tour.

What’s ur plan?



Hi guys,

I’m on this tour too…nice to see some other Aussies will be on it. What dates do you get to London?
My friend and I are there from the 4th August…maybe we could meet up before the tour?

Soooo excited for it!!


ill be on this trip as well :slight_smile: so excited to see some more aussies going and travelling alone. ill be down on the 7th and am staying with friends after we get back on the 13th if anyone needs a place to crash for a few days?



Hi Jade,

Soooo…good to know u guys in the tour as well. Ur friends in same tour with us?

I am there from 3rd August, have you booked ur accomodation so far? Probabaly we could organised to travel in London together!




Great u r the fourth person in our tour here!

I will be there from 3rd August, and I booked clink78 (topdeck hostel) for 8th August and 13th Sept.



Im on this tour to. Not long now. I have a friend on the exact tour we are doing right now and she is having an absolute ball!!! Just looking at her pictures is giving me butterflies in my stomach!!! Haha

Im arriving in London on the 6th August and ill be staying at the Clink Hostel reccomended by Topdeck so if any of you are there we should definitely have a few pre-tour drinkies :slight_smile: I’ll be there with a friend but im doing the tour solo so it will be great to meet up with some of you!

Has anyone started a facebook group for this tour yet? Im doing a contiki around Vietnam and someone on that tour has created one and it works great with people meeting up before hand and getting to know each other so maybe its a good idea for us? :slight_smile:


Ive created a facebook page for our tour. Its a much easier way to communicate feel free to join :slight_smile:!/groups/263168740451626/


Hi Alex,

I’ll be there on 3rd Aug and I’ve booked 8th Aug in clink78 hotel, but haven’t booked the other 5 nights yet.
Just joind the facebook group:)



Awesome well when you arrive on the 8th we will have to meet up :slight_smile:


Hello everyone I am hoping to be on this tour also! Wil be finalising all bookings tomorrow. Am VERY excited this will be my first time travelling solo overseas. I am from Brisbane. I’m thinking of flying in on the 6th or 7th and staying @Clink78… Would love to meet you guys over a few drinks before our tour begins! :slight_smile: Until then


Hey everyone looks like I am the only one from Canada so far! I will be on this tour also just booked my flight flying in on the 7th. Haven’t booked accommodations yet looking forward to meeting you all!