European Pioneer 8th July


Hi everyone,

I have just booked on to the Euro Pioneer departing the 8th of July, was just wondering if there was anyone else out there booked onto this trip?
I can not wait to get going!! :slight_smile:



Hi Kate,

I will be on this trip with two mates a girl and a guy.

But yeah coming up soon pretty pumped so should be sweet.



hey guys

we are going on this trip to :slight_smile:
do you guys have any idea what to pack?


Hey everyone ,

Me and my partner will be on this trip really looking forward to it


Hi Luke,

Good too see a few people on the trip,

Lets hope we get a good crowd happening.




Hi all,

I too am booked on this trip.


Hi James,

Looks like we going to get a good mix of guys and girls from all states should be a top trip.

How old is everyone I’ll be the old man of the trip lol


Hi Amber,

I too will be in london 2 days before the tour. i will be staying at the Clink before and after the tour. Whats your plans?


Im 24, mates who are coming with me are 23/24.

Yeah staying in London at Clink the night before with the mates, we will probably be at the bar their if any one wants to have a cheeky drink before the trip starts?


30 here and gf is 27.

Where staying In london the day before trip not sure of the hotel name yet must be the clink will def be in the bar at night


If any one wants to hit me up on Facebook to tee up a few casual drinks the night before feel free to add me -


Sounds great! I am 23 and will be traveling solo for the trip as well :slight_smile: I’ll be at clink for a couple of days before with some friends if people are around for a few drinks!


Hi everyone,

We are 22 four from Taiwan.(two guys and two girls)

We join the Alps and Matadors so will be the first seven day mates.

Nice to meet you here :slight_smile:


Ah! It’s so soon!
Is anyone else really nervous?
I’m coming solo and will be staying at clink the night before as well. :slight_smile:
NO idea what to pack!
How is everyone dealing with their money on the tour?


I was thinking to pack mostly t-shirts and shorts lol, but maby like one jumper lol?

My lil sis is in Europe at the moment and she said shes just in her swimmers all day its that hot at the moment…

but that been said from the email the chic at Top Deck sent me here is the list of advised stuff to pack:

based on our experience:
1 pair of comfortable walking shoes
1 pair of smart casual shoes
1 pair thongs/jandals/flip-flops
2 pairs jeans/trousers
2 pairs shorts/skirts
4 shirts/t-shirts
2 sweaters/jumpers
Smart casual evening wear
1 rainproof jacket
1 warm jacket
Underwear and socks!
General things to pack:
Swimming costume
Hat & Sunscreen
Basic medical kit
(including plasters, aspirin etc.)
Washing powder
Insect repellent
Conversion plug
Sewing kit
Pillow case
Travel pillow

Hope this helps