European Pioneer 7th June


Hey. Just wondering if anyone is going on the European Pioneer tour leaving the 7th of June?


Heya! Yea me and my husband are!

I see you are from Gosford, we will be in Gosford on our way to London to start the tour!!!


Gosford really?? Not much of a tourist destination! haha. We might be able to catch up pre trip for a beer. I am travelling solo and heading over a week or two earlier to catch up with friends over there.


I’M ON THIS TRIP TOO! excuse the capitals but just excited there are finally people!!!


HAHAHA yea Gosford our best friends live there so we have to visit on the way! Im sure we will be at the old Hotel Gosford if you want to catch up! we are there friday 25th May - Monday 28th :slight_smile:


Does anyone know if we have gauranteed departure yet?