European Pioneer 7th June - 12 July


Hey everyone,

I may of just missed it but I can’t find a post for the 7th june european pioneer.

I’m heading off with one of my mates will anyone here be joining us?



I am going on this tour, pretty excited! I am going on my own so would be awesome to hear from some others joining this tour :slight_smile:



I’m booked into the tour :slight_smile: Going solo. Very excited!!!



Me and my husband will be on this trip too! any other couples out there!!!



I’m in. I am travelling solo too


right so so far there are 6 of us!!!


I booked today and they said there were only 8 spots left… well 7 spots now!


So where is everybody else! Anyone travelled before got any tips? :smiley: :slight_smile:


First time solo travel and first time to Europe so no advice regarding either of those haha.

Anyone else staying at the Clink 78 beforehand? :slight_smile:


Am def thinking about staying there the night before since we have to be there so early and London sounds so big and scary and I don’t want to miss the bus!!! Do we book via the clink website?


Well I’m staying there before and after the trip - mainly coz I couldn’t be bothered to look for anywhere else and hotels are too expensive!

I just told my travel agent that I’d prefer to stay there and she organised it for me :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’m going with 2 others however we join up with you guys on the second half of the trip in Athens (Eastern Link tour) Really getting excited now


Anyone planning to do skydiving in Switzerland?!


hadnt really thought about that! are you?


definitely considering it!


Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I are heading to Europe for this amazing trip!! Very keen for the skydiving in Switzerland!!! And also staying at the Clink 78 the night before :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome :slight_smile: I’m definitely keen for skydiving!


So how old is everyone if you dont mind me asking? Not long now!!! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m doing the Timeless Trails tour which joins this one at the beginning and drops off at Greece. Have booked 3 nights at Clink so if anyone wants to go on one of those hop on hop off tours of London I am keen :slight_smile: Btw everyone seems to be from Australia, I’m probably the only Malaysian on this trip! looking forward :slight_smile:


YAY another couple!!! We are 27 & 28 and from nz! Super excited now!!!