European Pioneer 6th September


Hey fellow travelers :slight_smile:

So I’m doing the European pioneer tour departing 6th Sep and going solo and super excited!!
Was anyone else on here doing this Tour? :slight_smile:


Seems like you and I are the only ones on that tour trawling our way around the forums, lol. Can’t believe that it’s pretty much only 5 months away now… I called Topdeck, and apparently there’s at least another 10 people booked on that tour, you and myself included. Not quite enough to guarantee departure, but pretty darn close.

I just hope someone else replies!



hey martin!!! sorry didn’t realize you replied!! haha yeah i know its going so quick im so excited!!

yeah i hope its a guarentee departure i already have time booked off work…
i am staying in london a couple nights before and after what about you? is this your first trip to Europe?



hi guys! im from aus aswell and for now also travelling solo!!! cant wait for the tour soo excited!!!


Hey Beck,

Same excuse have to say, didn’t realise you had replied as well, lol. Totally agree about the Guarantee of Departure. Have time booked off work, mind you, if I have to move it, my bosses response will be “Well, I either let you have it or you’ll resign” so it’s no biggy, but it’s still a pain in the rear. All indications from Topdeck are “They are confident the tour will go Guaranteed soon” whatever that means.

Yeah, it’s my first trip overseas actually, never left Australia before and I’ll be arriving in London, i believe the day before the tour starts, and will be booked into the Clink78 on that night, ready for departure the next day. Sorta wondering what to do in London, was thinking of going to see a show or something, depending on how jet-lagged I am.

Afterwards, jetting straight off from London the day after the tour for a week in Dubai after. I figure i’ve seen enough of Europe after 6ish weeks that I’ll want to see something different, and it breaks up the plane trip home.

Also, WELCOME Andrea87! Yay for us solo-travellers! Looks like we’ll have to organise something special on the night before/after in London to celebrate!


thanks martin!

yeah sounds great she should meet up for drink the day before the tour. What time do u get to london??

I also stay at clink78 the night before and 1 day after the tour. im staying london for 2 extra nights but have booked a hotel so i can get a good rest before the flight home!

Wow Dubai! that sounds great!! im sure You’ll have an awesome time!

i hope they make it guaranteed departure. I called about 1 week ago and the guy told me they had about 30 seats still avaliable?? But he didnt tell me how many people where already booked into the tour. i have also taken time off work so i really hope its Guaranteed departure, im unable to change my dates…Work in a hospital and had to put my leave min 1 yr in advance lol!

Btw would u know what hotels / hostels etc we will be staying in around europe??


Hey Martin & Andrea!!
I’m staying in London 2 nights before tour and 2 nights after but thinking about staying a few extra nights in London or popping back down to Paris.

We should def do something the night before or after! Dubai will be amazing Martin!

How much spending money per day are you guys allowing yourself?
Hopefully it’s guaranteed departure :confused: as I probably won’t be able to change my holidays with work. Are you guys going skydiving when we are in Switzerland!?

I’m def hoping too if we have time!


heyy Beck!!

thats sounds great!! im def up for doing something the night before!.

spending money… i have no idea : \ i guess whatever i can manage to save!!!.. i hoping at least 4-5000 plus my annual leave pay… but i really hope i can manage that… it always seems that when ur trying to save alot more expenses come up!!! :frowning: haha. But im assuming budgeting for like 120- 150 per day should b enough?? how much are u going to allow urself??

skydiving ill let u know when were on the tour!! haha… im so scared!!! Maybe with a few shots before hand i might just be able to do it!!! haha!

Beck if u wanna book a hotel for ur extra nights… i booked two nights in london after the tour… on it was really cheap, i booked a single room at one of the raddisson hotels in london for 2 nights which was a total of $250. when i was at the travel agency the same hotel they wanted to charge something like 350-400 per night! crazy!!

im so excitedd!!! cant wait to see barcelona!


omggg yayyyy!!! its guaranteed departure!!! cant wait!!!


Andrea, you beat me!!! Definitely gone guaranteed ;D ;D ;D

I had a quick chat to the online chat thingy on the main website and enquired about how many people are booked on the tour, I was told that there’s still quite a few seats available with “About 10 passengers” confirmed. When I was at my travel agent about a week ago, they called TopDeck, and it still wasn’t Guranteed then, and Topdeck said 12 Passengers, so… it’s around there somewhere.

I’m flying Emirates, leaving Brisbane International about 8:45pm on Tue 4th of Sept. I get into Heathrow at about 2pm London time the day before, and will be staying at the Clink78 the night before. I was sorta hoping to do one of those “Must do” touristy things and see a show at West End on the night after dinner/drinks and then head back to the hostel for the grand departure the next day… It all depends on how tired/jet-lagged i am after the flights…

In regards to spending money, Topdeck says budget for about 50-60 Euro a day, which going by todays rates is about $2700 AUD. I currently have just shy of that saved, and I still have my tax cheque coming in, so am hoping it will be comfortable with around the $3500ish mark, maybe a bit more. I am blessed with a good friend whose kindly offered to put me on as a second card holder to his credit card “If I should need it” ;D

What city here in Aus are you flying out from Andrea??

Oh, and, Skydiving… Personally not my thing, but will pay someone for some awesome photos, lmao!


haha awesome! so excited!!

im leaving from Sydney on the 4th of sept aswell, i think i get to london at around 3:30pm or so, and i also stay at clink78 before the tour. how are u getting to clink78??? The three of us should meet in the reception area or something at a certain time!

I booked my flight before for liek 1700 which was nothing but its with chinese southern airlines, i should have waited cos i saw an airfare with qantas for just over 2000! im so silly!!! i really dont think its going to be comfortable! im starting to really regret my decision! loll ah well i guess it is to late now!!

I def want to do one of those tours to see london aswell! but i have another 2 nights post tour to sight see aswell so i will see how tired i am from the flight.

Oh btw u have a very nice friend!!! haha if thats what they say u should budget for then that should be more than enough. Im taking abit more… 1 for shopping! loll but secondly just incase i get sick im asthmatic so im scared ill have to buy things there if i get sick. and i would have to claim when i get back. …
and i agree cant wait for my tax cheque!!! ive booked for the 19th of july! and im going to change it straight away so i dont spend it!!! loll.


I guess I must have been lucky with my flights when I booked them… I was offered China southern, for about the same price as you Andrea, and I completely understand your scepticism now, as I had much the same reaction when my travel agent told me about them, lol. My luck was with me, because at the time she also looked up Singapore and Emirates (the latter at my request) and as it turned out, Singapore was just on $2000 and Emirates at $2100ish. Suffice to say, you know which I chose, but apparently, it’s getting really really pricey now to book with all airlines because of the Olympics, and short notice and such… Blessed we both decided to do it early, LOL.

My friend was originally thinking about coming with me, but he can’t get time off work and a couple of other reasons. We’ve been friends for over 15 years, so I would guess that he trusts me by now, lol. I happen to be a compulsive shopper, so I am indeed worried, that I won’t have enough, even though by averages, I have plenty. My main concern, which is bittersweet in a sense, is that time is going so quickly now, it’s just flying past, I’m worried I won’t have enough money, but then the trip is coming that much closer, and escaping from the binds of work becomes that much more sweeter. I think it’s anxiety playing mind tricks…

Good idea on meeting up at reception on the night before at a certain time. We’ll have to have someway to distinguish each other, wearing a particular colour or carrying something, lol.


Hey Marty & Andrea!!!

Sorry I haven’t replied for ages I have been so busy working my butt off!! Lol
I agree with doing something the night before!!! I get into London about 6am on the Third so, I’m planning to do a couple of day tour things (and try my best to leave my shopping till the End of the tour!!!) lol - I have quite a shopping addiction and I hear London is amazing for fashion (oh boy!)

I booked my flights with qantas a couple of weeks for $2300 return I will be leaving Perth on the 2nd of September around 1500 and fly to Singapore with a 2 hour layover then straight to London.

And I leave London on the 14th of October around 2100 … Which I’m assuming I’m going to have to pay a extra night at the hostel or I will be stuck on the street with all my bags for a few hours?

I’m also a little concerned about me arriving early hours of the morning I won’t be able to check in till the afternoon? I have no idea what I’m going to do with my bag!!? Perhaps I could call the hostel?

By the sounds of it I might be over budgeting? I’m planning on taking $8000 and trying for $10g!? I’m also over budgeting as I will not be getting holiday pay so, I will need some money when I get back. How much extra do you guys think we will need for the optional extra tours we can do!? I want to do all of them! Lol and I def want to do the top of the swiss alps!! Do you guys realise it’s just over 12 weeks!!!? How exciiittiinnggg!!!


Heya Beck! Long time no post!!!

I hear ya on the whole arriving too early to check-in story. I’m suffering the same issue, except in Dubai on the way home. Arrive at 8am, can’t check-in at the hotel until 3pm. However, my travel agent gave me some good news tho. Most hotels/hostels will allow you to leave your bags with them in a storage area until you’re allowed the check-in. Might be wise to just double check with Clink tho, just in-case, but that knowledge will certainly make life a little easier for you.

I wouldn’t call it grossly over-budgeting, I’d call it “Being Comfortable”, and I personally think it’s spot on, especially if you’re not getting holiday pay!?!

As far as I know, there is an itinerary thingy on the main tour info-page that has all the optional excursions and a price list associated with it, that should give you all the info you need, however, I think some of the optionals do clash with each other, so it might be a choice of one or the other.

I can’t get over the fact that the timeline has changed from months to now weeks in the count-down stakes… Talk about building anxiety!

P.s. Curiosity is really starting to get to me… We’re just 3 of a possible 12 people on the tour. Surely these others are just as excited as us, where the bloody hell are they!?! Calling all Euro Pioneer travellers for September 6!!!


I got the link to the optionals price list, just in case…

Euro Pioneer 2012 Optionals PDF


Hello everyone!

I too am booked and super excited for 6 September. I was orginally doing the week after but that one got cancelled and so I opted for this date instead. Great to see there are some people on here that are going. I am staying at the hostel two nights before and one night after the trip so would be keen to meet up with you guys! :slight_smile:


Welcome Kimmy!!!

Bummer about your chosen date being cancelled :frowning: BUT you still get to go, and this tour’s guaranteed :slight_smile:

Congrats on also being our first overseas traveller on this thread. So far all of us are from mainland Australia, and I’m starting to get worried that I’m going to be the only guy on this tour…

I do believe that some of us, if we can organise it before we leave for the tour, are planning on meeting up the night before for dinner/drinks, depending on how jet-lagged some of us are, so the more the merrier! ;D


Hey guys,

Just booked this maybe 2 weeks ago. Super pumped. I’m meeting with the tour in Paris though, going to be spending an extra 3 night in Paris before the tour starts. So exciting!


hey kimmy and sharnilee!!! welcome!!!

how exciting!!! we def need to do dinner and drinks!!!

this trip cannot come soon enough!!! are u both travelling solo as well??

Sharnilee what part of Aus are u from??

oh n martin i agree… it’s not looking good for u !!! haha ;D


I’m from Perth and yes, travelling solo. Call me Sharni :slight_smile:
Shame I’m going to miss out on the pre trip meet up. Oh well, Paris!