European Pioneer 6th May?


Hey there,[br][br]Whose heading on the European Pioneer trip starting 6th May?


I’m actually living in London now. I have to head home for a few months after the trip unfortunately. Anzac day and possibly Egypt on the cards before this trip, I’m hoping anyways, nothing booked yet! How long you over for?


Hi Simone and Sconny, [br]I am on the May 6th Pioneer tour also, before this I am doing Egypt express which starts on the 25th April. I am going solo, nice to meet some people on the trip! Very excited I am counting the days…:slight_smile:


Hi everyone!! I’m on this tour as well :slight_smile: First time travelling, doing it on my own. So excited but really nervous too! I’m in Europe for two months, doing the tour then have a month to do my own thing… I’m leaning towards a week in London and the rest in France. Nice to have contact with some people on the tour before we go!! Is everyone staying at Clink beforehand?? I get in on May 4th so I figure I’ll stay there. [br][br]Where is everyone from?? I’m a kiwi but I’ve been living in Brisbane for the last year :)[br][br]European Pioneer May 6… can’t wait!!


Hey ouestash,[br][br]Don’t be nervous bout travelling on your own! It’s great! Meet so many more people that way! I did some travelling europe in 2008 on my own and it was great! Little suggestion, a week in London is a fair bit. You can pretty much see the main things in a day unless you wanna visit some museums, but trust me, there are better places out there than London. Edinburgh was awesome as! I loved it there. Scotland is amazing! We did a 3 day Haggis tour, and unfortauntely I spent a lot of the time hungover, but it was great! I love Scotland, would love to go back! After the tour you might change your mind bout where you wanna go anyways! Don’t know if i’ll be staying at Clink as I’m living in London, but getting there at 6am might prove a challenge with public transport and what not! I’m from Melbourne but been over here for 7 months now![br][br]To be honest, I dont look on this thing all the time, but Facebook I do, so I started up a group under “Topdeck European Pioneer 6th May 2010”, so if anyone wants to join then go for it! Only a few months now, thank god! Bring on holidays!


Hey i just joined your facebook group. I’m going to Spain for 10 days after the tour, can’t wait ;D


Hi guys![br][br]Me and my friend are going on this tour as well. We’ll arrive in London on the 4th May, anyone free to catch up before the tour start? [br][br]For those who planning to go to Egypt, I will totally recommended you to go. I went with Topdeck last year to Egypt and had a blast. [br][br]I’m have just joined the facebook group.


Hi All just joined the facebook page, I arrive at Clink Hostel 3rd May so would be great to meet anyone there before trip maybe go see some sites in London. [br][br]Yvonne what Egypt tour did you go on? good to know it is recommended I was a bit nervous travelling there when I booked it! But sure it will be an amazing experience:)


Hi Hayls,[br][br]I did 21 Days Ultimate Egypt trip last year with Topdeck. How long are you planning to stay in Europe for?


Hey Yvonne, I have booked the Egypt Express tour for 9 days and then after the Pioneer trip I am heading to Canada to do some holiday work. What are your plans after the trip?