European Pioneer 5th May 2011


Hey guys

Anyone else booked on this tour yet? So pumped! ;D


Hi Megzt - a friend and I are tossing up over this trip or the 12th May…
VERY pumped! U going to the euro expo in your city?


Nope, my friend and I are already booked in and (mostly) paid for! Got a pretty good deal with a travel agent who was recommended. Where abouts are you guys from?


Awesome!! I’m from Sydney, my friend is from Newcastle…
You going to London before hand? Are u stayin on after Athens? We’re just doing the “Timeless Trail” so we end in Athens… :slight_smile:


I am booked on this tour, so excited!! I arrive in London 7 days prior after spending 2 weeks in Jordan and Turkey.
I’m travelling solo on this tour.
Can’t wait


I just booked for this tour!!!
I am excited, but somewhat nervous also - travelling solo for the first time and first time to europe :slight_smile:



Hey Guys,
So excited, just booked this tour too! Like you Cathy, solo traveller and first time in Europe! Is anyone staying on in Europe after the tour?

I have about 2 months after the tour with no plans apart from running with the bulls! So, keen to find some people to do some extra travelling with!



Hey guys me and my girlfriend are dong this trip and we are pumped. were wondering if there is another couple traveling this trip that we could share a room so we dont have to be split apart


We’re booked for the 5th May - Leaving London!!!

Hey Matty & Diana,
I’m coming with my best friend (who’s male) and we are the same, don’t wanna be split up!!
We should exchange emails or FB?
We should all exchange emails!!!
Mark and I will be arriving in London a few days before and plan on doing some site seeing before we start… we should all catch up for dinner or drinks before the 5th May morning? :slight_smile:


Can I ask how old is everyone going on this trip?
I’m 25, Mark is 30


Hey all,
I am heading to scotland after my the tour and then to ireland also!! I am staying at the Clink before and after the tour just because its easy!!
I am 27 will be 28 then and travelling solo!! Anyone is welcome to contact me about my Scottish or Irish plans.
Looking fwd to the tour.


Hi mandz25

My husband and I are doing the European Pioneer on 12th May…does the timeless trail do the same as the pioneer but end in Athens? Have u decided what date u r going on? :slight_smile:

It would be awesome to know some people before we go… We are in London for 4 days prior to the trip.

Christina :slight_smile:


Hi Guys!

Myself and three girlfriends from Canada have just booked this trip for May 5, staying in London for 3 days prior!
Where is everyone else from?


Hi Christina!

Unfortunately we have booked the 5th of May one!!! I’m dying to meet some people going on that trip!! We too are spending a couple of days in London before hand, but we have those planned out to the last minute!!! LOL


Hey Mandz,

I am booked for May 5th, very excited, getting closer now ;D
I am spending a couple of days in london beforehand also, but havent planned anything yet, would love some ideas of what to cram into three days.


Hey Cathy!
We arrive on the 2nd of May and are going to be pretty damn buggered! So were probably gonna rest… our hotel has organised a 24hour “hop on, hop off” bus service around London - I am told they are FANTASTIC and fairly cheap… you can see all the sites of London and as the name says, hop on and off as you please… The other day we are there we are hiring a car and going to see a bit of personal family history!
Where r u sttaying? R u travelling alone?


Hey Mandz,

I am also arriving on the 2nd, staying 3 nights before the tour, and finishing the tour at Athens, one night in athens and then home from there.
I havent booked any accomodation yet, but need to very soon i think. I was thinking of just staying at clink, but open to other accomodation closeby. Where abouts are you guys staying? I am travelling on my own, so a little nervous about that, but think i will be fine once i meet some others.



Hi! I’m going too! Ill be in London on the 4th, staying at Clink. But doing the timeless trail, so I will end in Athens. I’m probably going to spend like 4-5 days in Greece afterward too before heading over to the UK! cant wait!!! :slight_smile:


We had our travel agent organise other accomodation as we were told the Clink is gender specified and we are traveling male/female! =P So we have a hotel arranged… not sure of the name but it’s in London itself and fairly cheap but comfy… we are waiting for our intinerary to be finalised before the trip.
We arrive at lunch time on the 2nd of May, so that day will probably be a write off for us both (jet lag etc!), and then the next two days are full on for us… we are finishing in Athens too and heading home the day the tour finishes :frowning:


Is anyone else from Brisbane or surrounds? We should swap emails and go out for a drink or something before we leave. Only 105 days til my flights!!!