European Pioneer 5th July 2012


Hey there,

I’ve just booked a place on the Top Deck European Pioneer Tour departing 5th July 2012 and am really looking forward to it.
It’s my first time to Europe and I’ll be travelling solo, so would be great to get to know others who are planning to go on this tour.



Hi Josh :slight_smile: I haven’t booked the tour yet but I’m considering going on the European Pioneer trip and most likely the same date too! Is it your first trip with Topdeck? I’m currently deciding between this one and the Grand European option


Hi Josh,

I’m booked onto this tour too :slight_smile: I’m also travelling solo (a little nervous about that) but so so excited to finally see Europe! July 2012 can’t come quick enough! Have you got travel plans other than this tour?



I am paying for this trip tomorrow morning! :slight_smile: I’ll also be travelling solo - can’t wait!


Hi Guys,

Me and my cousin are doing this tour. Very 1st time in Europe and very very excited! We have booked pre tour accomodation and end of tour accomodation at the Clink78 i think it is.

Im doing a week of sailing croatia before hand and looking at doing maybe 2 weeks free travel after if anyone is interested, maybe around Italy - Isle of Capri!

So glad to find people doing this tour - Cant wait to meet you all!



Hi Christine :slight_smile:

Yay, so happy that we have someone else on board! I’m thinking of staying at Clink for a few nights beforehand and exploring London as well :slight_smile: Your trips all sound so exciting! If I had more money I’d totally do Croatia sailing as well haha, all the islands look so beautiful.

I’m staying in France for six months after the trip for an exchange in Lyon. Uni won’t start till end of August so I’d be totally keen for a post-Pioneer travel plan! I was personally thinking of a few places in France, Spain and Portugal (possibly Morocco), but definitely interested in Italy! :smiley:

Hope you had a lovely new year :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Yay! I’m glad there are some other on this trip!

I’ll be in London about a week before the trip (staying with relatives) but planning on booking into the Clink for the night before departure (and probably the night we get back to London also). I’ve got about 4 weeks after the trip before I head back home (and back to work) and was thinking of checking out Ireland, Scotland and Wales (and maybe even a 5 day break in New York!).

Ah I can’t wait!

Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:



Hey All,

Happy New Year, like you all, it’s great to know that the tour is now Guaranteed and that we’ve got a few of us booked! :slight_smile:
Sorry for the slow reply, didn’t realise there were comments posted.

I’m going to be over in the UK / Europe for a 2 month whirlwind tour… I get there a day before we leave on this trip and have booked a 16 day tour around the UK with the ‘other company’ when we return from this tour. I’ll be in London for about 5 days at the end of August before I return to NZ, if anyone was around, it could be great to explore.

It would be great to get to know you prior to the trip, I was thinking of setting up a Facebook Page / Group for this tour, would be great to know your thoughts?

Also looking forward to meeting you all.



Hey Josh, Katy, Cornelia, Christine (and anyone I missed)

I am going to be on this tour also. Their are 4 of us from Queensland Australia that have booked together, a girlfriend of mine plus two of her friends. We are all so excited as this will be our first European experience.

As for the set up of a face book page prior Josh, I think that is a fabulous idea. Hopefully soon, you will be able to give us the link to join up to. I think we could use the FB group as a fantastic means of not only getting to know each other but to also air out any questions, concerns, suggestions and ideas etc that we may have leading up to the trip. Let me know how you get on and if you need a hand at all.

Otherwise, again, I am so excited and it will be fantastic to meet you all.



Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Woohoo! So glad to see that we now have quite a few of us booked :smiley: Facebook group sounds like a great idea, I totally agree. I think I created a page for this tour under the “Meet Others” tab on the Topdeck Facebook page. Maybe that can be a starting point so we could find each other and then invite everyone to the Facebook page from there?

5 months and a bit to go!! So so excited :smiley:


Hey Everyone,

I’m also going to be on this tour, really looking forward to it. Its my first time traveling, and I’m traveling solo so it’ll be awesome to meet you all and see the sights with a bunch of people. The Facebook page sounds like a great idea.

I’m going to be staying at the Clink for 3 nights prior to the trip, and also a night or two afterwards.

Heading through the US before hitting London, and then probably doing at a few weeks traveling once the Top Deck tour is over - thinking Gallipoli, Ireland, Scotland…who knows!

Looking forward to meeting you all



Hi All,

It’s great to see some others on here! I think a facebook group would be great. I did just post on the “meet others” page you had set up Cornelia but now I can’t seem to view the page…strange!

Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile: It’s coming up fast!!



Hey All

My friend and I are booked for this trip, so excited! Can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:


Hey Katy, couldn’t find your message on the “Meet Others” page either! :frowning: Hopefully you’ll be able to access it soon…but otherwise there’s still the forum here :smiley:

And yay it’s awesome that we have even more people now…seems to be quite a diversity in terms of where we’re from? I’ve been getting way too excited about the trip so I was checking the status of the tour (including the smaller tours that are a part of this) and guess what, the first section of the tour (from London to Athens) is fully booked! :smiley: Would be awesome to have a big group


Hi guys,

I am booked for this trip with 3 friends! Very excited!! A few of us will be staying in London for a few days to explore , and travel out to Stonehenge etc ! Then I’ll be going to Denmark after that!

Looking foward to it all:)


Hey everyone!

Great to see that we have more people on this tour!

Time is just flying by and I can’t wait! I definately think the Facebook page is a great idea!

Will see if I can find the page everyone is talking about lol

Talk soon

Christine :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

My friend and I are booked for this tour too! Super psyched for it, it can’t come soon enough. We’re going to be at Clink from July 1, and staying there the night we get back. Looking forward to meeting you all.



Hello everyone!
I’m Alex’s friend. This is going to be my first time in Europe and I couldn’t be more excited! Really looking forward to meeting you all!

Michal :slight_smile:
PS. I think the facebook group is a great idea. How shall we get this started?


Hi Guys,

I can create a FB group for the tour if no one else has done it yet? If you’re keen to join, add me on Facebook - I’ll start a group and add people to it. I’ll make it an open group, and everyone can just add to it from there.

On Facebook, search for ‘Craig Liddell’. If there’s more than just me I’m the one from Christchurch, NZ.

I can’t create the group til I’ve got someone to add to it, so get in touch!



Hey All,

Since I started this forum ages ago, I thought it was time I added to it again haha.
It’s now officially 2 months until we depart for our trip, starting to get real excited.

Talking with Craig, I’ve now created a new Facebook Group, please search for “Topdeck - European Pioneer - 5 July 2012” or go to the following link:!/groups/207890775996625/

Looking forward to talking to you soon.