European Pioneer 5th august


Hey guys,

Sorry if there’s already a thread about this! My name’s Tegan, just wondering who else is going on this trip? Would love to hear from you!



I am going to be on the first half of this tour - the Timeless Trail from London to Athens.

Are you spending any time in London before the tour? Its great to find another person doing the same dates :slight_smile:



Hey Emma!

I’m so excited to meet someone else going on the tour! I think I’ll be in London a couple of days before the tour, what about you? Have you travelled with Topdeck before? This is my first time overseas on my own so I’m kind of nervous, but I’ve heard really good things about Topdeck!



Hey Tegan!

Same im so excited to find someone else too. Are you travelling solo or with friends/boyfriend? Ive been looking on the forums all year hoping to find other people. So far just you and 1 other chick from Aussie.

I fly out from NZ on 1 August so have 2nd-4th August in London. Its really the only part of the trip im nervous about. I’ve never been overseas before and i have 3 days on my own to figure out lol. Are you staying at the Clink?



Travelling on my own! I’ll be gone about 5 months all up, travelling for 2 months and then I’ll be studying in England for the last 3, leaving just after Christmas so fingers crossed I will get to have a white Christmas :slight_smile: are you travelling on your own? Oh I know, I’ve been pouring over the discussions for ages and could not find anything about this trip! Well done on finding someone else! At least we know there’ll be three of us haha. First time overseas, that’s very exciting! Are you staying around after the tour or just heading home? I’m hoping to stay at the Clink, I haven’t actually organised anything yet! Should probably get on to that haha was it easy to book?


Wow 5 months! So jealous haha. A white xmas would be awesome even though im definitely not a fan of the cold lol.

Yea im going over by myself too. I have 3 days in London before the tour, finish in Athens then stay there for 3 days before i start a 10 day Greek Island Hopping tour with Topdeck. Then I have a night in Singapore on the way back home to break up the flights a bit.

I actually booked my accommodation in London through Topdeck. They have a 3 night accommodation package with the clink and you get a hop-on/hop-off bus ticket and a 3day zone 1 and 2 pass for the tube as well. I only paid $310 NZD for the lot.

How old will you be on tour? What do you plan on studying?


Haha yeah i think the cold weather is gonna grow old pretty quickly!! ohh wow, Greek Island Hopper, my turn to be jealous! That looks so good! Have you got any plans for the 3 days you’re in London or just going to take it as it comes? Wow, cheap package! I should definitely get on to Topdeck then and book some accommodation. I’ll be 20 on the tour, what about you? I’m studying psychology, doing an exchange through my uni so it’ll just count as a semester towards my degree back here :slight_smile: just a bit of a more expensive way to do it haha how is all the saving going for you? Can’t wait to just get on that plane and get over there!


I am 23. I wanted heaps of time in Greece - I’ve always wanted to travel there and can’t wait till the tour gets there. Where are you looking forward to most?

I have a list of only about 5 things I want to see while I am in London. I decided to keep it pretty relaxed as I don’t know how jetlag etc will affect me and i wanted plenty of time to do stuff. And I’m sure I will be distracted by a million different things as i see them! So I’m just looking at the British Museum, London Eye, Tower of London, Hop-on/Hop-off tour, St Pauls Cathedral and maybe a couple of other things like Madame Tussauds, Aquarium or the Zoo. I’m hoping to go over and work sometime in 2011 so I figure I will get to see the less touristy stuff then. What do you plan on doing? When do you fly into London?

I am literally counting down the days! lol im pretty sick of saving so hard out. I started saving last January (2009) so its gotten pretty old now. At the moment I’m putting aside $700 a fortnight and I’m desperately missing my social life! haha. But by the time I fly out I will have saved enough for about 120 euros per day, roughly $9000 for 5 and a half weeks. How is your saving going? I can’t even imagine having to save enough to support myself for 5 months :o


I’m really excited about Greece too! Looking forward to France and Dubrovnik aswell, not that I’ll be complaining about the rest!
Good idea with taking it easyish in London, don’t want to be wrecked before the tour starts! Sounds like a good list though, I’m the same, most of those are what I want to see, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of other things that I’ll want to do once I’m there. Oh wow, working in the UK, that’ll be awesome! How long are you wanting to live there for? You’ll know the place inside out by the end of it! I’m flying into London on the 27th July, but I’m staying with relatives for about a week before I come into London (just got it all booked and sorted, finally!), and then I’ll be staying at the Clink the night before the tour. Booked the London Break package for the end of the tour so you’ll have to give me some pointers on the best things to do!
Wow, you must be getting so excited after saving for that long, I know what you mean about the social life though! And 9000 is great! I’m going to be on a wayyy tighter budget than that haha trust me, the 5 months thing is almost doing my head in, and I keep thinking of things to do with money I don’t have! I think I’m going to have to be even more of a hermit for the next 4 months


yea i’ve been planning this trip a while. I’m trying not to stress too much about the money. If i have to put some money on credit card then i cant really do much about it!

Where in England are you studying? I’m hoping to work over there for as long as i can, provided i like the work and make friends etc. The Visa will let me stay for 2 years so it could be a while lol. But to even get the Visa you gotta save $6000 so i wont be able to go over until 2011. Hoping this holiday will give me some idea of where exactly i want to go though :slight_smile:

I’d love to have relatives or friends over there to make it a bit cheaper to stay longer before the tour! Where will you be before London?

We should meet up for some drinks the night before the tour! I’m sure i will have found a good place for a drink by then haha.


The uni’s in Norwich, just going through and sorting out accommodation and everything for that now!
Wow 2 years, that’d be great! You’ll have something to look forward to even after this trip then :slight_smile:
Having relatives is definitely a huge help! My Dad’s from England so he has a few relatives over there, we went over and stayed with them for a little while a few years ago now, so it’ll be nice to stay there again and have a place to recover from jet lag! They live in Maldon which is about an hour out of London, I’m staying there a couple of days after the tour too and then having Christmas there with them, so I’ve been pretty lucky!
Haha that’d be great if we met up for drinks the night before! It’d be nice to know someone already on day 1 :slight_smile:


Awesome, I can’t wait to have Christmas over there. I’ve seen photos of a girl I know who was over there and it looks amazing. I live in a small town in NZ so I’ve never seen anything like it! All the snow and massive Christmas trees and everything. Are you spending New Years over there too?

So this isnt your first trip overseas then? Have you been anywhere other than Europe? I’ve never left NZ before so I was pretty nervous about going over on my own and figuring out all the massive airports and everything! haha trying not to get lost. Its good to know someone else who will be over at the same time!

I am excited about coming back and getting sorted to work over there but I wish I was staying longer on holiday too! Even though i would never be able to stay under the luggage weight limits if i was going for longer lol. Its taken me ages just to save up the 6 weeks leave from work as well so it was really the longest i could stay. You’re lucky you don’t have to factor all that in too!


I know, Christmas over there sounds amazing!! I’ve always wanted to have a white Christmas, can’t wait :slight_smile: nah i really wanted to stay for New Years but I think my money will well and truly have run out by then! Coming home just after Christmas, save New Years for another time :slight_smile: wow this trip will be amazing for you, all the big cities and everything, no wonder you’re so excited!! Where abouts in NZ are you from?

This is my 3rd time overseas, I went on a school trip for French to New Caledonia, and then my family went over to the UK for about 6 weeks when I was 16. Dad’s from there but he moved here when he was really really little and had never been back, so we met all his family and stuff, and just did a really quick 10 day tour of Europe. I fell completely in love with England so I’ve always wanted to go back, and I can’t wait to see more of Europe. You’re so brave doing it for the first time on your own! It’ll be so great though! haha very good to know someone else going over at the same time! I’m a bit scared about the airports too haha but I don’t think it was too bad last time, fingers crossed!
Haha those luggage restrictions will be the death of me i swear! Yeah I’ve been really lucky with fitting it all in, I work part time at a school so I’m taking leave without pay for the 5 months I’m away, which is a huge help knowing I’ve got something to come back to. What work do you do? 6 weeks is a good place to start! And it’ll be so exciting coming home and planning everything again!


I’m from a town called Oamaru which is near the bottom of the South Island in NZ. Where in Australia are you?

I think everyone here was pretty suprised when i told them my plans haha. I’ve always wanted to travel but I dont think anyone thought i would do it on my own. Although i’m hoping to have made lots of friends in the first few days so hopefully it won’t really be on my own! None of my friends or family have been any further overseas than Australia, apart from my Dad when he was in the Army. They were all really excited and i think i’m gonna have a ton of postcards to send and souvenirs to buy!

Wow your so lucky your work is holding your job for you! Thats really great. I work full time in the Finance Department of the Local Government office for our district. It pays well but is every bit as boring as it sounds! haha. I also took up a second job to save some extra spending money so i work one day a week at a retail store as well. I’m looking forward to going back to a 5 day working week after my holiday though! And to get planning again lol. Are you planning to travel more after your studies?

I can’t believe there is less than 4 months to go :slight_smile: its unreal that its April already! We will be on a plane before we know it haha. Are you organised with everything you need? luggage and adapters and travel stuff etc? I feel like theres not enough pay weeks left to get it all sorted lol. Just when i think i’ve remembered everything theres something else!


Oh cool :slight_smile: I’m in the suburbs about 40 mins or so out of Melbourne. That’s awesome!! Haha you’re gonna have the best stories to tell when you get back! And be stocking up on plenty of souvenirs! I’m definitely hoping the same thing! W e’re gonna be on our own with 40 so other people! haha so we should be ok :slight_smile:
Haha well it sounds very important! What kind of things do you do? It’ll feel like a holiday coming back to just one job! Well nothing locked in but I’d loveee to go to Canada, if I didn’t get into a UK uni I was gonna try for Canada, so after uni I might head over and try to work for a bit, but we’ll see how the money’s going!
I know, it’s absolutely flying!! Cannot wait!! Aghh tell me about it, everytime I’m feeling on top of everything I think of something else and it sets me off panicking again! Went and bought luggage on the weekend so I think all the big things are done, but it’s the little things that are always hard to remember! Hows all your organising going?


Im so excited that I found this discussion!! Im on the european pioneer 5 august trip too!
Im arriving in london in july spending a month doing small trips around the UK, doing the pioneer tour and then spending up until january gallivanting around europe!!
I live in brisbane QLD and Im travelling with my best friend. We’re 18 and 19 year old girls!
Do you guys know of any non-aussie/nz people on the tour? I think it would be cool to get a massive range of culture on the tour.


Hi Brodie :slight_smile:

Yay that makes a total of 5 girls so far! You’re so lucky you get to spend so long on holiday. That must be about 6 months is it?

So far all 4 people i have met have been from Aussie and then me from NZ. I’m sure theres bound to people from all over though!

What do you and your friend do? Students or working?


My friend (Sheaye) and I have just been working so far. Next year we’re both starting uni.
I am so excited, I seriously can’t stop smiling as Im typing this!!
This is my second gap year…haha, last year I did the Air Force gap year program and had an amazing time - my friend Sheaye has been working the whole time.

yeah its six months, and three of those will be alone. So Im very excited!!
Its about 2 and a half months till I leave…Im starting to get nervous…about what to pack, money etc!!
but still insanely excited!
So are you just doing the tour and going home?


I’m so excited too! Have you travelled overseas before? Are the 3 months on your own at the start or end of your trip?

I’m a bit nervous as well as i’ve never been overseas before. But i only have 3 days before the tour starts on my own so I will be with other people soon enough :slight_smile: We should all meet up for drinks before the tour starts though. Erin and Tegan (the others I have met on this forum) have said they’re keen so that would be awesome! Are you staying at the Clink Hostel at all?

I got a bit paranoid about this whole volcano ash thing though! I know i dont leave for another couple of months but I heard on the news there could be eruptions on and off for the next 6 months which means flights could be all over the place :frowning: If it messes with my trip i might just have to cry haha. So fingers 100% crossed it settles down!!

I’m doing 2 Topdeck tours while i’m away. I’m not doing the full European Pioneer tour (just the Timeless Trail) so I leave the tour in Athens. And then 3 days later I start the Greek Island Hopper tour. Its only about 5 and a half weeks but i’m hoping to go back and work next year.


Hey Brodie!
So exciting to meet someone else on the tour too!! 6 months away will be amazing! What have you got planned for after the tour? Or just gonna see once you’re over there? Hows all your organising and stuff going? Seriously cannot wait!
I was getting a bit worried about the volcano too Emma! Hopefully we get there without too many hassels!