European Pioneer 4th August


Hi Everyone,

I’ve just booked this tour, anyone else joining me??

I cant wait!!!


hello, i am on this tour im very excited too!!


Hi Hannah,

Yay, I’m stoked to hear from someone else on the same trip :slight_smile: are you traveling alone?


Hi Hannah and Morgan,

Finally got onto the forums. Cant wait for the trip!! going to be awesome! B-)



I am also going on this trip. So excited :slight_smile:


Yay! stoked to hear from some more people ;D is everyone staying at the clink the night before?


Hey there guys :slight_smile:

         my friend, mel and i are going to be on this tour! 
    We are soooo soooo excited! it seems so long away still but we both know it will be
    around in no time! Whats everyone looking forward to the most?


hello sorry for the late reply

yes i am travellin alone and i am staying at the clink before we travel who else is going to be staying there too?? x :slight_smile:



I am also traveling alone and staying at the Clink before the tour.

Looking forward to meeting you all.



hey guys ! im also doin this tour and my mate too!!! cnt wait we are alson stayin at the clink too!!


Hi All!!
Wooot woot!!..just got the itinerary docs for this last minute trip. I’m so excited, I don’t think it has sunk in yet.
First time in Europe, going to be awesome. Arriving London on the 2nd. Staying at the Clink beforehand seems to be the go.
Look forward to meeting you all! ;D


YAY Finally have been able to get on here!!!
Hey All !!! So Excited!!
There is me and my partner Sean and my sister Kylee all on this tour and we are all staying at the clink from either the 1st or 2nd will have to double check that one :slight_smile:
Anyways I have read on forums n friends have told me that some couples tend to stick to themselves…just letting you know Sean and I aren’t like that at all and cant wait to meet new ppl!! and looking forward to an amazing first trip to Europe!!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


hey everyone not long left now just two weeks.

just a quick question, which of the optional activities are you thinking of doin???