European Pioneer 3rd Sept - 8th Oct


Heya, [br][br]Only 5 weeks to go, any one else booked on this trip?? Besides you Mindy if you read this :D[br][br][br]Rebekah & Megan[br]European Pioneer 3rd Sept - 8th Oct


Hi, i’m on this tour :slight_smile: My name’s Tash i’m 24, from Auckland in New Zealand. It’s getting pretty close now exciiiiting! I haven’t been able to log into forums till now as my login didn’t come through to me properly. Can’t wait for Greek Island, Croatia & Prague! They’re my top 3 places i’m looking forward to, although everywhere will be amazing. We’re going to be in Germany on the last day of Octoberfest too, hopefully in the right area.[br][br]What do you do, where are you from?[br][br]I’m getting a bit paranoid about how much money i’m taking and scared i’m gunna run out :confused: How much have you budgeted for daily? I’ve budgeted $100 NZ a day which is lik $40-45 Euros…seems a bit scrimpy from reading these and Contiki forums[br][br][br]Tash xox[br][br]European Pioneer - Sep 3rd to Oct 8th!!


Hey Tash,[br][br]My name is Rebekah im 23 from Auckland as well. West Auckland to be precise. My lil sister Megan is coming on tour as well, she turns 21 next Thursday. [br][br]Yay for being in Germany on the last day of Octoberfest, I thought we completely missed it. I am definitely looking forward to Greece Island. You are right, every where will be amazing! [br][br]I work for a cluster of specialist medical clinics in Parnell, dispensing medication and doing Practice management. Namely the New Zealand Men’s Clinic (you may have heard the ads), and the New Zealand Menopause Institute. Where do you live in Auckland? What do you do? [br][br]Money is definitely a unknown at the moment. I am budgeting on 50euro a day approx, with a little put aside for the more expensive optional extras… Cabaret, Jungfrau etc. [br][br]Will you be staying at The Generator the night before? We got a great deal when we booked and it meant we got 2 nights free at The Generator… so are staying the night before, and the night we get back. Staying in Centralish London for 3 nights prior to that. [br][br]Oh yeah, I just added you on Facebook… or at least I hope I added you! Rebekah Grigg, click accept! [br][br]Talk soon,[br]Rebekah[br]European Pioneer 3rd Sept - 8th Oct


Hey, yup i’m staying in the Generator the night before too :slight_smile: Can have a few leaving drinks the night before-hand :slight_smile: [br][br]I just looked into Octoberfest and it’s in Munich and we’re gunna be in Berlin so don’t know how much of an ordeal it’d be to get there for a day from Berlin…We have the next day free in Berlin too which is good so if it’s easy to get to Munich could do the 4th in Munich then come back to Berlin via train late arvo/evening. We could check with the guide on how far, pricey it’s be to get there and a few people might be keen to go.[br][br]I’ll log onto Facebook and confirm your add :)[br][br]When are you heading over? I’m going in 9 days, going via Bangkok for 6 days and Hong Kong for 1 day then in London for 7 days before our tour. I’m planning on traveling around UK after our tour in October and then heading to Canada to work a ski season after in November…hence whi I’m trying to stretch my money out…I need $4000 to get into Canada on a working visa…so fingers crossed i’ll still have enough![br][br][br][br]European Pioneer - Sep 3rd to Oct 8th!!


I fully didn’t answer most of your questions in that post! [br][br]I live on the Shore, I’m doing some part-time merchandising for Clinicians at the moment, they’re a vitamin/supplement company, just till I leave next week. Before that I was working in advertising at Saatchi & Saatchi (the devil) which was my first job after finishing my degree. am planning on working at Whistler Blackcomb a mountain resort in Canada after touring Europe/UK …gunna be working there for 6 months to a year at this stage![br][br]Your budgeting seems like the norm… they advising $50-60 Euro a day, I think I’ve got like $40-45 Euro per day. I’ve looked at the optional extra’s though and gunna be picky! Want to go up the mountain in Switzerland, skydiving is way too steep once converted and I’m a wuss! I really want to goto the Moulin Rogue show in paris rather than the optional caberat so might see if I can twist some peoples arm into coming with me! Otherwise will do the river cruise as have heard the optional caberat is a bit average…[br][br]European Pioneer - Sep 3rd to Oct 8th!!


[br]Any one else coming on this departure date?