European Pioneer 3rd Sept - 8th Oct


Heya, just putting the feelers out to see if there is anyone already booked in this tour date… or thinking of booking for this date! [br][br]My sister and I are already booked, just counting down the weeks now![br][br][br]Rebekah[br]European Pioneer 3rd Sept - 8th Oct


hahaha It looks like we are still the only ones![br]MINDY


[br]Hehe… it would appear that way! [br][br]Mindy, are you on Facebook? Also, will you be staying at The Generator the night before the tour?[br][br][br]Rebekah[br]European Pioneer 3rd Sept - 8th Oct


Yes I am on facebook my name is Mindy Lamoureux from ottawa, i think im the only one! I wont be staying at the generator the night before but i am pretty close to there, im staying in Russell square! Since our tour is a guaranteed dept im sure theres atleast 10 other ppl out there going on the tour as well lol!


keeping her in the loop lol!


[br]Haha thanks! I should have thought of it sooner! Ah well if it is just you, me and my lil sister at least we will get to spread out in the bus!! [br][br]Beks


Okay, so thanks to the Topdeck website we now know that the tour is very nearly full… so it won’t just be the 3 of us with a bus to ourselves Mindy! [br][br]Any takers… who is joining our little fun-filled adventure?[br][br]Rebekah[br]European Pioneer 3rd Sept - 8th Oct