European pioneer 3rd June


This is my very first overseas trip on my own! Im sooo excited, cant wait
Is anyone else doing the European Pioneer trip on 3rd June 2010?



Me and my boyfriend are doing this tour! How exciting to hear from someone else that is. So obviously I’m not going alone but I’m still really looking forward to meeting new people and having fun. Are you joining from London, and if so are you staying for any amount of time before the trip?



Hi Lisa,

Im also on this trip and its the first time traveling alone for me aswell.
Its going to be amazing i cant wait!


Hi guys,

dropping in on this conversation too. i’m on that trip also and cant wait!! going to be such a great getaway.


Hi Everyone,

Wow how exciting to kind of meet you all!

Kristy, Im actually flying into London two days before our tour and probably staying with a friend who is over there at the moment.

Ive decided to get a working holiday Visa too so I can stay in the UK after our trip.

Only 60 more sleeps to go


I know I’m pumped!!! Oh wow that’s great for you, you’ll save a bit of money on accommodation that way! Would you believe that my mum was actually born in England and still has Aunts and Uncles etc over there, and not one of them that lived close enough to London were interested in helping us out with a place to stay!! It wasn’t just the whole saving money thing but getting to meet some of my relatives would have been great to…but what can you do.

How is everyone going with their saving? I’m starting to stress just slightly as my boyfriend and I are probably just going to scrape through with saving the minimum amount of spending money that Topdeck suggest…am thinking a ‘parental’ ( :’() loan may have to be on the cards, as guilty as I will feel asking. I’d rather be safe than sorry!!


Im having mini heart attacks right about now. This trip has tuned out to be way more expensive than i expected.
Oh well, a “once in a life time experience”


That’s the thing hey, you have to go all out since how it will probably be a one off!!! Am certainly not looking forward to facing our debt when we get home and it’s all over. But I don’t regret it so it’s all good ;D


yeah expensive but hey its something not many of us will do again. a little worried myself about extra spending money. what is the recommended about topdeck suggest?


I think they suggest 60 Euro a day. Can’t remember if that’s including the optionals or not?


60 Euro a day… cool i’ll hopefully have that much and a bit extra. should be receiving my information pack in the next couple of weeks, its all happening now. i’m actually resigning from my job to do some travelling so it will be a bit exciting to be job free :slight_smile:


Wow how exciting, good on you! ;D I know I’m pumped to get all our info…it’s getting so close!!!


Hey David, im resigning from my job too. Im waiting on my Visa so hopefully I can stay over in the UK for a couple of years to travel and work. Where else will you be travelling to?


That sounds great Lisa. Im not as fortunate or organised more the point with the visa thing :wink: after the pioneer i’m 8 day in london yet haven’t decided what im doing then. but fly to croatia on the 16th to board a sailing boat and travel the islands for over a week. but then head home after that. have some plans to open a studio when i get home so will be thinking about that a bit i think. what do u think you’ll do in London/UK for work?


Probably just bars or cafes. I already work in Hospitality so it shouldnt be too hard to find work- I hope!


nice nice, yeah think you’d be fine with hospitality work. They love Aussies :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! Not long to go now how exciting. How’s everyone going with their preparations? I don’t know about everyone else but we thought we were pretty organised but suddenly find ourselves madly scrambling to make last minute purchases etc (well I am, my boyfriend tends to just sit back and leave it all to me…how kind of him >:() I’m finding it’s very hard to organise, shop, and get to banks etc when you’re working full time too. Is it just me or has this trip come up so fast!!!


hello hello!! yeah i know very close now! haven’t even looked like packing yet. although i have written a list several times and unfortunately yes, work is definitely being a distraction from the more important thing of traveling.


Yea very exciting and has snuck up on me for sure! Preparations…only just got my passport, haven’t even thought about packing, don’t even have a bag, talk about winging it! What type of bags re people thinking of taking? Backpacks or suitcase/bags?


picked up a Caribee (Australian made) backpack with harness and the works. great thing about it is it opens up like a suitcase for easy packing. picked it up online from what are some things we really need to remember to bring? im sure ill forget something.