European Pioneer 31st May 2012


Hi I’m booked for the European Pioneer Tour departing 31st May 2012. Who else is doing this tour? I will be travelling solo from NZ, hoping to make some contacts prior.

Also does anyone know if we need a sleeping back for the overnight ferry to Greece? I’m confused as the info brochure says you need them for the Flotilla’s in greece. Is this the same thing as the over night ferry we will be taking to Greece?



I’m looking to book for that trip this week :slight_smile: and am also travelling solo from Aust. But I have no idea to answer your question haha but the travel agent I’m booking through went on this trip last yr so I can ask and let you know!


Hey, I’m also going to book for the 31st May trip and in the same position coz i’ll be traveling solo. I live in wellington - will let you know when i’ve booked and we can get in contact! :slight_smile:


brilliant Courtz27 & Annie that would be primo. Annie another Kiwi on the trip also whoop. So excited already on the countdown and planning my check list of bit and pieces I may need. I’m travelling total 4 months and this willl just be the beginning. Totally touch base with your details via PM if you do defo book for the same dates. I know of one other travelling this same date. Yay I just can’t wait. It’s the big OE for me before I think about ‘grown up’ stuff LOL


Hey Courtz I’m actually spending a week on Sydney on my way back home near the end of my trip!! haha never know may get to catch up with you again when I’m there :slight_smile:


Haha Ninja82 that would be good!
I’ve talked to my manager at work and I’m good to go so I should be booking this weekend :slight_smile:
Yeh I know what you mean about growing up! I work full time but want to be 19 for the moment :slight_smile: I’m so excited coz it means I’ll be having my bday overseas! Woo! (sigh 20 feels so old though :\ hehe)


Hi All,

I’m booked on the Timeless Trail tour departing 31st May which is the first leg of the European Pioneer trip. I’m travelling solo as well and will be finishing up in Greece (day 21) to then travel independently - scary!

I don’t think we need a sleeping bag as we are in cabins on the ferry from Italy to Greece so I’m assuming it will include linen - the flotilla are the sailing boats that you travel on if you are doing an island hop trip around Greece but I don’t think this is included in the European Pioneer trip?? We have three days on Mykonos but that’s it I think??


I am booked for this trip :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


we should start an email chain, what are everyone’s emails?




YAY :slight_smile:


Good idea raychell. Kate I’m doing the 10 day Greek Island hop after the Pioneer trip so I guess I’ll need sleeping back for that doh! was hoping to avoid the extra luggage huh


Courtz OMG you’re just a baby haha make me feel old!! I’ll be having my 30th couple weeks after I get back after 4 months travelling!!! Defo enjoy yourself!! and coolio we can have big celebrations for your birthday :slight_smile:


sent an email to y’all :slight_smile:


Hahaha Ninja28! I know! We need to party it up for my bday :slight_smile:
It’s on the 27th June so I think we’ll all be in Budapest or something… sooooo pumped :smiley:

We should send pics of each other too so at least we sort of know what we all look like


Ninja82 * lol my bad


haha all good courtz. I think now with FB we know what we all look like. Except Raychell we’ve not heard from you?


Hey guys - :slight_smile: yay very excited to know some people I’ll be traveling with!


sent you email Katrina


Hay guys, I’m also gonna be braving it on my own on this tour. I’m heading over from Newcastle, Australia. Plans are to do the Pioneer tour then play it by ear for about another 6-7 weeks after that.
I’m slightly nervous but extremely excited, I’m loving the idea of these forums to get to know a few people before even leaving the country.
My email is, or you can find me on facebook under Donna Reid.