European pioneer 31st July?


Hello! I’m a young solo traveller wondering if any similar people are going on this trip on the 31st July? :smile:


Hey! Im going solo too :slight_smile: Slightly nervous haha. Are you in london for long beforehand ?


I am also a solo traveller and i’ll be doing that tour. how long will you guys be in London beforehand? :smile:


I’m in London for 2 nights beforehand :slight_smile: sure there will be a few of us at wombats!


I’m there for 4 nights beforehand, are you getting excited?


Hey!! I’m also a solo traveller on this tour. I’m so excited! I’ll be in London just for one night before we leave. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Wombat’s Hostel on the 31st :smiley:


Me and my sister will be on this tour!
We are in London from July 26th, traveling from NZ!


Facebook page for this tour, easier way of talking to each other :slight_smile: