European Pioneer 30th June


Hi all

Me and a friend are taking this tour, just wanting to get to know people who will be on the same tour!
Anyone starting on 30th June?



Hi Hayley.pan
Yes I will be doing the tour on this date!
So excited!! Got to start getting travel insurance, london accommodation and spending money organised though…



Me and my mate are also on this tour :slight_smile:



Yay!! So excited. Sorry for the late reply.
I don’t seem to get any notifications when ppl reply on this post :S
Do you guys have fb?! Easier to chat :slight_smile:


jkmh - we’re in London before and after the tour! What dates will you be there from?


I’m also doing this tour. I am going by my self. I am in london three days before the tour starts.
I look forward to meeting you all.
Sarah :slight_smile: