European pioneer- 30th june 2016- 04th august 2016


Hey Guys, Anyone else on this tour??!?!


Yes! I am :smile: Are you travelling by yourself or with a friend/friends?


I’m on this tour too! Getting so excited! (:


Yes I’ll be joining in Athens!! Look fwd to meeting you all :grinning: where are you from? Im coming from perth.


I’m coming from Melbourne! Are you coming on your own?


Hey! Yes I’m coming on my own, how bout you? I did the first ‘half’ of this tour a few years ago, but the camping version! I’m really excited to join in Athens, looking fwd to Mykonos :slight_smile:


I’m coming with a friend! How was the first half of the trip?


Oh nice!! It was so good, you’re gonna have a blast :slight_smile: Paris was lovely, you go for a cycle tour I think which is really good and I climbed the eiffel tower at night rather than going to the caberet (not sure if the hostel tour is the same as the camping one). Switzerland was pretty cold but I went a month earlier… It’s so incredibly stunning though. I loved Nice and Barcelona, and Italy was so good! Bring an outfit for going out as well. Are you going straight home after or doing a bit more travelling?


I’ve been to Paris before and I absolutely loved it so I can’t wait to go back! We’re only staying two nights in London after the trip finishes because I have to go back to uni, I’m already missing 3 weeks :frowning:


I am also on part of this tour! I’m doing the eastern exposure I join the tour in Croatia.
Very much looking forward to it!


Oh cool yeah Paris beautiful hey :slight_smile: Oh fair enough, a couple of days is still good - I have to go straight back for uni as well! Not long now!! :smiley:


I know! Do you fly out the same night that we finish the tour?


hey guys, I fly out 3 days after the tour, travelling with a friend :)have you been to Europe before?


I’ve been to Paris but that’s all in Europe! Are you guys staying in London after?


yea we are staying 3 nights, wby?


hey! i’m joining solo in dubrovnik for the last two weeks, booked flights yesterday so i’m on an over excitement high at the moment haha


We’re staying 2 nights in London after. Wow you booked yesterday?! That’s insane!


i accidentally booked a couple months ago haha don’t ask how
but i committed to actually coming yesterday (after i got permission to take time off work haha)


haha who are you flying with?


emirates out of melbourne on the 20th
counting down the days until my last shift at work haha