European Pioneer 2nd July - 8th August 2017


Hey guys, I’m Ashleigh, 20, from Australia. Just wondering if anyone is doing the European Pioneer from 2nd July to 8th August 2017? :slight_smile:


Hey Ashleigh! I’m Olivia 21 from Australia too, I’m going solo on this trip! How about you?


Yay!! Yeah I’m going solo too :blush:


So exciting! Where are you from in Aus?


I’m from Perth, how about you? :blush:


From Sydney! What date you flying out?


I’m originally from England so I’m leaving Aus in April to go back before I leave for the trip. But I’ll be getting the train down to London the night before we set off, are you staying at the wombats hostel on the 1st July?


Hey girls I’m Jas, myself and my friend are also from Australia doing the trip in these dates! Super excited!


How exciting!! Are you two staying at the wombats hostel in London the night before?


we sure are!


Hey jas! And yeah Ashleigh I’ll be staying at the hostel as well!


If you guys want to add me on Facebook (Ashleigh Chaffer) I will create a group chat for us :slight_smile:


That’ll be great! Can you send your fb link, can’t find you🙈


Hope this works!!


just added you then! we have heaps of mutual friends haha


Hi there! I’m doing the gaudi and glitz tour which is part of the European pioneer! My tour starts July 8. I’m 23 from nz travelling solo :slight_smile: