European Pioneer 29th May 2016


Hi :slight_smile:
I have signed up for the European Pioneer and am travelling by myself, anyone else signed up for the same date? (29th May 2016)
I’m staying in London for three days before the tour starts and three after!
Im also doing the trail of Columbus tour in Spain after this one finishes :slight_smile:


I’m also booked in for this trip! :smile:
It’s my first time traveling outside of Australia so it’s pretty exciting. I’m spending some time in London before this trip leaves as well.
I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing as much of Europe as I can.


Hi! How cool! I’m super excited too, I’m living in Aus at the moment but am from NZ and this is my big trip before I move home :slight_smile: I’m staying 3 nights in London at the Topdeck accommodation before the tour :smile:


Sounds like it’s going to be a Kiwi and Aussie trip yaaas! I’m from NZ too and am so excited to skip out another cold winter here :joy:

Will be staying in London for 9 days beforehand at St. Christopher’s, and moving to Wombats the day before the tour. First of 4 total tours over 4 months for me, also doing the Topdeck Scandi Express in July :blush:

Can’t wait to meet you all and get lost in Europe!


Hello, I’m going on the timeless trail part of this tour - the first three weeks. I’m also travelling solo and is my first big overseas trip so can’t wait! Lovely to meet some others also going on this trip :slight_smile:


Looks like we’ll be buddies! I’m doing the same ridin’ solo and can’t wait!


Looks like we have a bunch of solo Aussie’s and NZ’s. I’ll be getting in the day before and staying at Wombats that night :slight_smile: first leg of my 10 week trip so looking forward to it!