European Pioneer, 27th June - 2nd August


Hey guys, I am travelling alone on the European Pioneer tour from the 27th of June till the 2nd of August and was wondering who else might be coming along?


Hey! :slight_smile:️ My friend and I will be on this trip too. I’m coming from Sydney and she is from Perth. Whereabouts are you travelling from?


Hi Tracey ! I’m travelling from Sydney as well :slight_smile: When do you arrive in london?


Oh that’s awesome :slight_smile:️ I’m arriving on the 24th of June. When do you get there?


i get there on the 26th. can’t wait tho !! are you staying at the generator before?


Yeah I’ll be staying at the generator before the trip. Not long to go now! Have you been overseas before?

If you want you can add me on Facebook, its Tracey Nicole Williams :slight_smile:️.


Hey guys, I’m going to book this trip within the next few days. I’m also travelling from Perth.

The trip finishes on 2nd August. Is anyone else keen for the Harry Potter studios on Friday the 3rd August and a Stonehenge ‘inner circle’ tour on the Saturday?

It’d be sick if someone else could at least make it to the Harry Potter studios so I don’t look like a loner hahaha.

I’m also travelling by myself.


Yep ive been to europe before with my mum but this is my first trip alone !! Thanks, ill add you! Ive been to the harry potter studios but i might be interested in the stonehenge :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m travelling solo from Auckland, NZ - I’ve just put a spot on hold for this tour pending some further date confirmations at the end of my trip I have to sort, but would definitely be keen for Harry Potter studios…
How long does it take to get around it do you know? Is it an all day thing, or does it take a couple of days?
I have to be in Manchester for the 4th Aug is the problem!


Sweet. I’m going to book it on Monday.

Yeah HP studios is 1 hour drive or about 45 minutes by public transport. We should go for the morning 9 am (we need to book tickets asap, even 1 month in advance isn’t enough). Stay there until 12 I reckon or whenever we get bored. You’d definitely be able to make it to Manchester before the end of the night. I mean, UK is tiny as, smaller than NZ.

London to Manchester in 2.5 hours by train.


Hey buddy, did you end up making the booking for this trip?