European Pioneer-26th of May 2016


Hey! Is there anyone out there who will be doing this tour as well? I have just booked myself in for next May :smiley:


Sure am!


Hey! I’ve booked in for this one too. Very exciting!


Yay! I didn’t think anyone would have booked it yet!


Also booked up for May! So excited! :smiley:


I’ve just booked this tour as well! Looking forward to it! x


Is anyone else going to be in London before hand?


Ben and I will be :blush:


Probably only for a day or two; I’ll be living in Sheffield on a uni exchange from Jan - May : )


Late reply! Will be joining this tour for the London-Athens Leg (Timeless Trail) on 26 May! Will be in London for a a week or so before this too :smile: So excited!


Is anyone staying at Wombats hostel the night before?


I am! I’ll be in London for a week beforehand but staying at St. Christophers near Tower Bridge as Womats only allow 7 days max :frowning:


Hey! I’ll be doing this tour as well! Anyone else going solo? Planning on staying at Wombats for a couple of days before the tour starts! Excited! :grinning:


Hey Iva! I’m 23 and traveling solo too :smile: I’ve booked just one night a the hostel so far but I’ll be in London for 12 days before :smiley:


Hey im booked for this one too! Also travelling solo and be in london for about a week before hand


Hey! So im about to book this tour, I’m from NZ traveling solo and planning on getting to London 1 or 2 days before the tour starts.
I’m going to arrange to stay at wombats as well.
Would anyone want to meet up at the hostel and maybe do a little sight seeing for a day or so in London before the tour?
I’m pretty nervous about traveling solo!
Looking forward to meeting you guys on tour! :smile:


Yeah that sounds like a good idea, what Is everyone doing after the tour ends?


Im spending another 3 days in Athens (As I’m only doing the Timeless trail part) then heading to Rome to begin a Contiki :slight_smile:


I have no set plans yet, I’ll either settle in London and start working or keep traveling :smile:


Ah I wish I could be that flexible, I have 4 days left after the tour and I’m wondering where I should stay, I was thinking Belgium or Amsterdam, not sure tho