European Pioneer 25/06/17 - 31/07/17


Hey guys,

My mate (19) and I (23) are pretty much set on going on this trip. Just wanted to hear from people going on this one to hear from the people we are going to be having the times of our lives with! Also would be great to hear from people who have been on this trip before to get an idea of what we are in for!



I’m also thinking of doing this trip, I just got back from a topdeck tour and it was amazing! I’m 19 and coming from Western Australian, where abouts are you guys coming from?


Ahh yes it should be awesome! We booked the other day, I’m 23 and my mate is 18 it’s our first big overseas trip!
Let us know if you end up booking!
We are staying an extra 5 days in London which should be cool too!



I’m Phoebe and I’m not on the same trip as you but it sounds like your trip might meet up with my trip in the final stages. where abouts does your trip go?? it would be great if our trip does meet up as I’ve gotten to know a few going on my trip but would love to get to know some more!


Well we start in France and got through switzerland Spain Italy Greece then back up through Eastern Europe back to Amsterdam. Maybe we will be able to meet up.

If you check the trip the dates might link up and it will be the same :slight_smile:


hey all I’m 20 from Melbourne Australia , ill also be on this tour . feel free to hit me up on facebook ; itll be good to know people prior to the tour commences.


If you guys wanna connect on Facebook and talk about the trip feel free to add me D’Arcy Armstrong
My profile picture is me with my dog, from Toowoomba QLD


Hey guys, Im Kate, I have booked on this trip as well :slight_smile: Im from Dunedin, New Zealand, Cant wait!


Glad to see there are a few people now :slight_smile:
As we get closer we should make a Facebook chat or group just to get to know each other before we leave :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m Ivana from Auckland New Zealand. Just booked this trip! :smiley:


Glad to see we are getting more people :grin::grin:
If you guys want to join I’ve set up a chat on Facebook so we can get to know each other before we leave :slight_smile:
Add me D’Arcy Armstrong. Profile is me with my black Labrador


Getting closer :v:️️:v:️️


I’ve had a group chat going for a couple of months now if you guys want to join?


Hey Lovely people,
Will you be great to meet you all in person on the trip. I have started a Facebook group and would like to invite everyone to join it . Please click on the link below

Enjoy your day
Regards Don