European Pioneer 24 May 2017


Hi Everyone! I am Rachel from Australia!
I just booked this tour…three months to go!
Just wondering who else has booked!
Safe travels,


Hi ! I’m not on the European Pioneer, but im doing the Eastern Link from the 9th of June. It joins up to your tour I think from Athens? Not long to go now :slight_smile:


Hi! Nice! Hope you enjoy the Eastern Link! Would be lovely to meet you in Athens!

Safe travels :slight_smile:


Hey rachel, i’ll be on your tour the whole way through, really looking forward to it. Where in aust are you flying out from?


Hi! I am flying from Sydney! You? I am then staying in London 4 day prior to the tour.


I’m flying from Melbourne, leaving on the 22nd, so i’ll have one day before the tour starts. Are you staying at the same pace where the tour starts or elsewhere? I’m still looking for accom. for the day when i land


Hi Amanda! My travel agent is pricing me a hostel and a hotel. Ill either choose one of those or find an air bnb.


I have booked to stay at Wombats hostel prior to the trip beginning! Getting keen!


Hey rach. I paid for my accom the other day, I’m staying at the generator hostel prior to the trip. According to my travel agent, thats where the tour starts in London, thought it was smarter to just stick with a place where i know i’ll get on the bus easily. I’ll have the 23rd to explore at least. Let me know if you wanted to catch up prior to the tour for a day of exploring, although i’m sure you’ll check out the major places in your few days prior to the tour starting. I’m happy to see what i can on my own if you already have plans :slight_smile:


Really? I was told it started at Wombats. And thats what the trip notes say. Ill have to go visit my travel agent this week. I happy to meet up prior to the tour! I was just planning of having a couple days casually exploring London!


I’m going to soo pissy if my agent told me the wrong place. I haven’t been able to find any information saying otherwise, or saying the place. If need be, i’ll make the trek over to wombats the day of the tour, bag in tow i guess…it’s not that far of a walk anyways.
Overall, as long as i’m on the bus the day of the tour i’m happy i guess.
Same for me with plans the day prior, apart from catching up on some sleep, i’ll be wondering around seeing the typical sights. Whatever happens, happens. Either way i’ll see you on the tour


Hey! Yeah I just confirmed thats its Wombats with my travel agent.

Hope it all goes smoothly for you :slight_smile:


Hey, so I spoke to my agent and she confirmed with top deck that it starts’at the generator. Sounds like it’s all off to a good start haha


Really? Oh gosh now I’m worried. Have you got your paper work from Topdeck? I got mine yesterday and it said wombats


I thought it was wombats as well! from sydney and doing the tour all the way through as well x


Great! Looking forward to meeting you all! Not long to go


Hey rach
OMG this trip has shortened my life and it hasn’t even begun!
Fixed up my accommodation. Trip technically does start at the generator, but in the paris Generator but London’s Wombats, hence the confusion. Must’ve been a miscommunication between top deck and my agent, so all sorted now, phew. So glad I checked 10 times haha.
So I may see you on the Tuesday, if not, for sure i’ll meet you on the Wednesday. Enjoy your final days in Aust


Hi! So glad its all sorted! I would have been stressing to the max! Yes! Meet you soon. Hope you have a good flight. :slight_smile:


Hey guys! How did you find your tour? Just wondering if there are any key tips from this tour that you could pass on having been on it so recently? I leave on the 6th of September and am trying to get everything organised nice and early! Hope you all enjoyed it :slight_smile: