European Pioneer 23 Jul 2009


Hey anyone doing the European Pioneer departing on 23 July? [br]I’m travelling all on my own.[br][br]Kimberly[br]European Pioneer 23 July 2009


Hey Kim![br][br]Im doing Olympic Link and Im 99% sure that my tour meets up with yours in Athens on Aug 7th. [br][br]You looking forward to it? I sure am! It better be hot and sunny every day! woooo 5 more months! [br][br]Meredith[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27


Hey guys![br]I’m doing the European Pioneer tour leaving on the 23rd of July too!Travelling on my own as well!Pretty scared!Are either of you from Melbourne?[br]Elicia


Hey guys, [br][br]I’m from Geelong but work in Melbourne. I’m a bit nervous about travelling on my own but it’s good to know I’m not the only one! [br]Not long to go now. Can’t wait! :)[br][br]Kimberly[br]European Pioneer 23 July 2009


Hey Elicia and Kim![br][br]Im from Canada, and unfortunately have never been to Melbourne - someday, though! [br][br]What part of the trip are you guys looking forward to the most?[br][br]Meredith


Hey Meredith, [br][br]It’s so hard to pick one part because I’m looking forward to all of it! This is my first time overseas so will definitely be a new experience! [br]I guess I’m looking forward to Mykonos because I really wanted to do a Greek island but I’m really looking forward to Italy and Eastern Europe too. What about you?[br][br]Kimberly[br]European Pioneer 23 July 2009


Hey! [br]I would have to say Croatia and Mykonos too… and Berlin bc its one of my faves! Ive done Paris and Italy and all that stuff and it was great, but just wanted to try something different. But yeah - Dubrovnik is supposed to be aweeeesome![br][br]Meredith Fraser[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27


Yeah the eastern Europe part sounds really good! How did you find Paris and Italy? Did you do that with Topdeck as well?[br][br]Kimberly[br]European Pioneer 23 July 2009


Hi Guys![br]I’m getting so excited about the trip!Looking forward to meeting both of you!I want to see as much of Europe as possible but I’m most excited about France, Italy and the Greek Islands!I just can’t wait to see some beautiful scenery and living a european lifestyle!Will either of you be hanging around after the tour?


Hey![br]Unfortunately I’m flying back to Aus the day after the tour gets back! I am staying in London for 3 days beforehand though so I can see some of London. Are you hanging around before the tour Elicia?[br]I can’t wait either! It’s gonna be so much fun![br][br]Kimberly[br]European Pioneer 23 July 2009


Hey girls![br][br]Yeah Im hanging around in London until Sep 1st - I totally want to go to Stonehenge! Im staying 1 night at whatever hostel the Top Deck is, and then probably changing to another one for the rest of the time, but I havent decided on that yet. [br][br]And no, Kim, I didnt do France and Italy with TopDeck, I actually did a Trafalgar tour with my mom a few years ago when I was living in Germany. They were both really nice and we saw lots of cool stuff. Florence was neat, and I wish Id had more time in Venice. I havent been to Rome yet tho, and I do want to do that at some point, but just not now. [br][br]So what do you guys do for work to save the $ for the awesome trip?[br][br]Meredith Fraser[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27


Hey, [br][br]I can’t wait for Rome either, that will be really good! [br]I actually work for Hertz car rentals in reservations so I’ve been doing heaps of overtime to save up the money! [br]What about yourself?[br][br]Kimberly[br]European Pioneer 23 July 2009


yeah money for trips is key![br][br]Im a teacher here in Canada, so its nice to get the summer off. figured what better way to spend it than travelling! Im teaching summer school for July to make some extra cash to spend while Im away. woooo![br][br]I just booked my flights the other day, so now Im getting pretty excited![br][br]Meredith Fraser[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27


Hi Girlies![br]Woo getting even MORE excited!Kim,I arrive in London on the 22nd, like, SUPER early in the morning but have no plans for that day yet.I’m staying in the Generator-is that where you’re staying?Meredith that’s cool that you’re hanging around after-maybe we can check out a few sites together?!That will depend on my financial situation at the end of the tour though.To earn cashola I work as a Dental nurse and trying to get a bar job as well and perhaps a job with red bull too just to earn a bit more cos I’m starting to panic about how little money I’m actually gonna have when I exchange it!And with things being so expensive over there too-eeek!Meredith you must have got pretty good prices for flights with all the competition that going on!Or is that only in Aus??Haha


Hey girls! [br][br]ugh so flight prices arent overly cheap here… maybe they are comparatively since its a shorter distance, but I had to randomly fly into Dublin. Its a minor hassle because I then had to find some connecting flights, but overall I still saved a bunch of cash![br]That said, now I get to go to Dublin as well, which wasnt on the original already-packed itinerary. [br][br]Elicia - sounds good, cept now Im flying from London to Dublin on Aug 29th, and am planning on doing a Stonehenge tour on the 28th. Its supposed to be awesome, so if you wanted to come with, I made a new topic for it. But yeah, Im staying at the Generator on the 27th and likely on the 28th too, since I dont want to move for one day. I figure it has so-so reviews, but its just for one extra night…[br][br]Meredith Fraser[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27


Hey girls![br]It’s getting closer I can’t wait![br]Elicia, I fly into London early in the morning on the 20th July because I’m doing the 3 day London package beforehand so I can see a bit of London. I’m also staying at the Generator hostel too! [br]If you wanna catch up on the 22nd and take a look around I’d be up for that. [br]With my flights I managed to get an earlybird through Thai airways for AUD2500.00 including taxes which was pretty good.[br]I’m also staying at The Generator on the night of the 27th when we get back too.[br][br]Kimberly[br]European Pioneer 23 July 2009


Hey girls!How you both going?Kimmy I’d love to catch up with you on the 22nd and take a look around london town with you!I think I fly in quite early in the morning but I haven’t got my updated flight details yet so I’ll get back to you!It’ll be good to hang around with both of you when we get back to London to wind down a bit!I’m so excited - the weeks are passing too slowly!!![br]


Hey Elicia! [br][br]I have to disagree about the passing of time - I cant believe that April is over already! Work is crazy busy for me right now, so I blink and the week is over. Only 3 more months and I’ll be in Germany getting ready to meet up with you guys in Athens! I think of it this way: its already been 3 months since Ive been planning, and it seems like no time at all![br][br]As for the flights - wow yours are expensive, even after I converted your AUD into CAD… my flight was just shy of $700 CAD from Toronto to Dublin, and then another 100 from Dublin to Frankfurt, and 100 again from Heathrow to Dublin at the end…[br][br]Meredith Fraser[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27


Hey guys! [br]I think the time is going fast but I wish it was going faster cos I just wanna go! [br]Wow Meredith you’re flights were cheap! [br]Elicia it’s a shame you don’t have more time in London but I guess you’ll be hanging around after the tour. I’m flying back home the day after the tour gets back but I’m doing the 3 day London package beforehand so fly in early on the 20th. Look foward to meeting you both! Only 11 weeks to go, how exciting![br][br]Kimberly[br]European Pioneer 23 July 2009


Hel-lo!So I got my updated flight details - I arrive at heathrow at 5:10 in the morning (yeuch xx() and then have a transfer organised to the hostel at about 6am on the 22nd.They only end up costing me $1700 so I’m wrapped![br]Meredith you’re so lucky with how cheap your flights were!More spending money!!![br]Kim, I wish I was going to have a bit more time in London before the tour starts but I’m thrilled that I’ll arrive there knowing you are there too!I will be hanging around and continuing my travels after the tour for another 5 months so that will be my opportunity to check out the city![br]Hope you guys are both well!![br]Elicia