European Pioneer 22nd September


Hi guys i’m doing this tour that starts in London which starts 22nd september till 27th of October and was just wondering is any one else doing this? I am going solo and interested in meeting other people or hearing about experencies that other people have had on this tour. I will be in London 4 days before the tour starts and have 9 days after the tour ends. Looking forward to it sounding likes heaps of fun never been to Europe before!! Jarrad! :slight_smile:


Hi Jarrad,

I’m doing this tour also, can’t wait! The furtherest out of Australia I have been is Bali :frowning: I’m also travelling with my husband Ross, we both come from Perth.
I’d also love to here from other people before going on the tour.
I would really love to go to the Moulin Rouge when we are in Paris instead of the cabaret as I hear that there is no comparison to the real thing.Is any one else on the tour interested, maybe we could book a group. Can anyone that has done this tour before suggest an appropriate time so it doesn’t interfere with the other activities organised by Top Deck?


Hey Guys,

My name is Kaitlin, I will also be doing the tour in september that departs London on the 22nd.
Like Jarrad, I will also be in London for 4 days prior to the tours departure.
I will be travelling with my friend Sasha. We would most definitely be interested in going to the Moulin Rouge in paris. Fully agree that the real thing would be way better.
We are looking forward to meeting everyone. This trip is going to be a blast!

-Kaitlin :slight_smile:



Yeah that sounds awesome to see the Moulin Rouge in Paris!! Its going to be amazing the whole Europe experience!! I want to do all the extra things on the tour that you can do like skydiving! :slight_smile:


Hi All,

My friend Fran and I will be on this tour departing London on the 22nd September. We’ll be staying at the Generator Hostel a couple of nights before the tour. I’ve been living in London for the past 16 months and am ready to get out and see more of Europe before heading back to Melbourne. We’ve heard awesome things about this tour and looking forward to meeting everyone! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, my friend Jen and I are doing the Barcelona to Athens leg of this trip. Looking forward to a mad jol and lots of site seeing :slight_smile:


Heyy Heyy :slight_smile:

Me and my friend Beth are also doing this tour!!! We are flying into London on 19th Sep and staying at the Umi hotel!!!
We will also be staying in London for a week after the tour ends before heading to Scotland, Ireland and then off to the US of A :slight_smile:
Looking forward to meeting everyone!!!


[font=Comic Sans MS]Hey Everyone!
My name is Beth, and as Karlee said, we are also travelling on this incredible Top Deck tour, as well as doing some other personal travel around the rest of Europe and America ;D
So…I don’t really have anything else to add, haha, just wanted to put my 2 cents worth into this forum!
Pumped to meet everyone and excited to see Europe! [/font]


Hi Everone.

Whats everyones thoughts on what to take because i don’t want to take to much but on the other hand i dont want to forget anything!? I’m getting so excited now it’s not to much longer now!! ;D


Hey Jarrad,

I believe that if you go to the European pioneer page, there is a pre departure sheet you can open, and it has a suggested packing list of stuff you will need :slight_smile:
Im so excited! only another month and a half! Cant wait!


Hey everyone!

My name is Emma and I’m also doing this tour! Like Jarrad, I’ll also be doing this alone, so I can’t wait to meet you guys! I’ll be joining the tour in Paris (anyone else doing the same?) as I’ll be in Europe a bit before. It’s gonna be awesome! :slight_smile:


hey everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I created a facebook group for our trip. I thought it could be another good way for all of us to chat before the trip :). ive provided the link below.


[font=Verdana][/font]Hey there everyone ;D … My name is Kitty and ill also be joining this tour from London. I’m traveling solo and starting in Thailand and arriving in London on the 19th. If anyone would like to do some site seeing in London b4 the Europe tour let me know… would b great to have some company while checking out all that London has to offer. Would love to see a board way show if there is time and Ive heard that the shopping and night life are brilliant and a must see. The Moulin Rouge sounds amazing to me. I have a girlfriend that used to work there!!! She said if we get a big enough group it will save us some serious coin. I’m super excited about this trip… cant wait!!!


Hey guys… so i finally stopped being lazy and made an account so i could post on the forum haha.
My names Ketta, i’m from Australia, and i will be jumping (probably literally jumping because im that excited) on the topdeck bus in London ;D. Its my first trip out of the country so im counting down the days, exactly six weeks today until i fly out of sydney wooo!! A friend and I are doing the European Pioneer then heading onto Egypt to do another of topdecks; Egypt Express, which im also really stoked about. anyway just thought i’d jump in and say hi, cheers!


Hey Everyone…
Its so exciting being able to find out that other people are just as excited about this tour as i am!! Yeh its not to long until we start so looking foward to it now! :slight_smile: So what is everyones plans before when in London? I am doing a few day tours to the castles and around London! But i will be free if anyone wants to catch up before hand!! :slight_smile: