European Pioneer 22 July 2010


Hi All

I have booked to travel on the European Pioneer from the 22 July 2010, departing London. I looking to talk to others on this trip as I am travelling alone… Looking forward to chatting and getting to know some names before we depart :slight_smile:

Debbie - your Travelling_kiwi :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Yep, I’m going, booked one of the last places yesterday!! Very excited.

Are you coming strait over from NZ? :slight_smile:


hey you too, one of the girls has set up a face book page, (Topdeck European Pioneer July 22 - August 26, 2010) there are a few more people on our tour, im Andrew.


Hello there!

I’m Patricia from Canada. This will be my first TopDeck tour but I have been to Europe before! :slight_smile:
I will be joining you in Athens for the Olympic Link tour on August 6. Please join the Facebook Group called ‘Topdeck European Pioneer July 22 - August 26, 2010’.

Look forward to meeting all of you!



Thanks for adding to the post… I have joined the facebook group… I am so excited about going :slight_smile:
I am Debbie aka ya “travelling_kiwi” I am coming from NZ am in London for 3 days and then will get to join you all. So has anyone done this type of tour before… its my first :wink:

look forward to chatting
Debbie :slight_smile: