European Pioneer - 21st July 2016


Hey fellow travelers!!
Just thought id start a thread and see if there is anyone else who has joined this tour as of yet!
My name is Krystle and im 26 but will be 27 by the time the tour comes around! Im from melbourne and will be doing this tour on my own! eeek so EXCITING! love to connect with u before the trip!

  • Krystle xxxx


Hi Krystle
I am looking at doing this tour as well. My boyfriend and I were planning a trip to Europe next year but circumstances have changed and I still want to go! I am 27 (will be 28 by the time the tour leaves)
Have you already paid? There is a Europe Travel fair on next month and I have been told you can get good discounts on tours so I will hold off until then.
It will be my first time in Europe and I am nervous about doing it on my own but it looks like an amazing trip!
Cat x


I would 100% continue your plans to go!
I have already paid for my tour along with the accommodation in Paris as im going to spend more time there first.
I have a friend who works for Flight Center and i asked her if i should wait for the expo to book the Topdeck tour. She advised doing it now as its 10% off 2015 prices. She said the prices will go up and at the expo it wont be much of a saving for this tour and the exchange rate is so bad the 2016 prices will go up for sure. She did say booking tours and flights at the expo would be a good idea but she suggested the Topdeck tour was best to get now. :smile:
Dont worry hun, im the same about being nervous too, but at the same time i think its the bet adventure you could ever go on!


I know this is old but I’m thinking about this trip today! I’m a solo traveller recovering from a breakup so looking to getaway!


I’m 26 also single and thinking of doing this tour traveling solo from melbourne :slight_smile: @Charlotte_Mathe


Hey Krystle! I’m 19 and I’m from Singapore! I’m pretty sure I’m joining the bandwagon! Can’t wait for the adventures to come! :smile:


Hey guys!

My friend Eleni and I have booked this tour. We are both from Sydney, I’ll turn 26 while we are in Barcelona on this tour and Eleni is 24. We are doing two months in Europe all up. After this tour ends we are heading to Spain to do La Tomatina. Very exciting times ahead!


Hello!! I’m thinking of doing this tour! Will be a solo 28yo female solo traveller! Glad to see there will other solo travellers on the tour too! Will be my first big overseas trip alone! Super excited! :grin: