European Pioneer 21st April 2016


Hi all, just wondered if anybody else is booked onto the European Pioneer on 21st April. I know it’s not long to go but wondered if people wanted to chat before? Looking forward to the trip :slight_smile:


Hi Trudy!

I will start part of that tour with you in London, but then my journey ends in Barcelona as I’m only doing the “Alps and Matadors” portion of this trip.

I’ll be staying in Wombats Hostel the night before the trip starts :smile: Look forward to meeting you and everyone else!


Hi Naddy,

Great to hear from somebody else going. I’m staying at the Wombats hostel the night before as well. Maybe we could meet the night before our trip and anyone else who is also staying at Wombats :slight_smile:


That sounds like a great idea! Let’s stay in touch via this website :slight_smile:


I’m joining in Athens and finishing in Prague! If there’s a Facebook group or something for this tour could someone post it here? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Brilliant :smile: I don’t know about a Facebook group, I’ve used the social bit on the app as well to see who else is about! But not sure who sees it!


I checked in quite late! See everyone in the morning :+1: