European Pioneer 21 August- what to pack


Hi there all you lovely travel fans.
I cannot seem to narrow down what to pack(for the trip above), i need some advise on smart clothing to take. Any suggestions? - most appreciated.

Thanks, Heather


Here here! I’m with Heather - packing advise??
See you on the bus Heather :slight_smile:


Hi Dougaroo … Just over a month to go :slight_smile: see you there!


well i can only suggest what i am going to pack (my last tour was in the dead of winter not in summer like this time). i am taking a mix of t.shirts, skirts, summer dresses and shorts along with thongs, comfy sneakers and a pair of dress shoes for the casino. try and get things to mix and match so you don’t end up bringing your whole wardrobe. oh forgot to mention bathers, towel and a pair of thongs especially for the shower (if you stay at backpackers). what i usually do is get all my stuff together and then cull that pile down. what you forget you can always buy over there!!!




Thanks Jen,
I looked at the tour info and found some PDF’s with useful info too :slight_smile:


Hi Heather,

On your pre tour departure information they have a “Suggested Clothing List”



Thanks Shannon (I found it) ;D