European pioneer 2017


June 18th-24th July
Anybody heading on the European pioneer trip in a few weeks? I’m 21 from melbourne


Hey Brooke I will be on this tour , I’m from the Gold Coast :blush:


Hey, oh awesome :slight_smile: getting close now!!


So exciting , I have no idea what to pack though ! When are you getting to London ? I will be staying at wombats hostel 2 nights before the trip.


Hey Guys,
A few of us have been chatting on the app a little bit, and decided it sucked for chatting so made a facebook group so everyone could say hello.

Search for Topdeck European Pioneer 18th June 2017

or the link is

Take a look :slight_smile:


Oh cool I will do that now :slight_smile:


Haha me either dont worry !