European Pioneer 2017 5 July - 10 August


Just booked this tour and super excited. Starting to get things organised so if anyone has any tips or is on the same tour and wants to say hi, feel free to chat here :smile:


Hi there
I did this tour in 2016 and loved every minute of it. I am not sure if you have ever done a Topdeck Tour before but here are some things I found out along the way.

When packing don’t take a towel. Take either a hand towel because it will dry quicker or just buy a cheap towel when you get there that way at the end of the tour you can just throw it out.
You can pretty much wash at all the places you stay at.
Just make sure you have at least 3 days clean clothes and you will be ok. All the places you stay at for two nights just make sure you do your washing (Barcelona, Rome, Budapest, Berlin or Amsterdam)
They were the place I did my washing.
When you go to Mykonos we could only take a day pack. So just make sure you have clean clothes for the days you are there.
If you would like to know about anything for other countries just let me know.
Sarah :smile:


Hi Christine,

I am also booked on this tour and i’m travelling alone.
Where abouts are you from? :slight_smile:


Thanks Sarah :blush:


Hi Sophie
Great to meet you!
I am from Australia but currently living in the Uk. Where abouts are you from?


I was born in the UK but I live in Perth. I’m an Aussie citizen but I have a strong English accent still haha, where abouts in the U.K. are you living? :slight_smile:


I am currently in Dunfermline Scotland. :blush:


Thanks Sarah. Anything you can offer in advice is appreciated. I have not done a topdeck tour before so any information you give will be new to me.

When you say not to take a towel are you talking about a bath towel or a beach towel or both? Are bath towels not included in any accomdation?

Also when you mention the washing, I’d like to know how you managed this please. From my experience, most of the time you would have to wait around for your load to finish etc so what was the most efficient way you did this and did you just take stuff you could throw in a dryer after you washed it?

And only one question I can think of for now… do any of the places you stay at have hairdryers in the rooms. I know it sounds silly to be worried about stupid things like that but I hate going to bed or going out with wet hair. If I can avoid packing mine I will do so.


Hey Christine,

Don’t take a towel at all. No beach towel or bath towel. They take up too much space in your bag. I took a hand towel because it we small and dried quicker.
I later bought a cheap bath towel that I left behind.
There are some places that had bath towels. Wombat Hostels will have bath towels.
In Paris we stayed at The Generator and it didn’t have towels.

When it comes to washing, I just put it on to wash and then came back later. I found that other people would just remove your clothing and put it in to a basket so they can used the washer or dryer. If you only have a small amount of washing share with another person you become friends with on the tour.
Pretty much all the clothes I took on the tour I could throw in the dryer.
If you have a small travel hair dryer - take it. From memory there was only one place that had a hair dryer.
Take couple of delicate wash bags with you so that way if someone does take your washing out you wont be flashing your bras and undies to the world plus you wont lose any socks.

A big mistake I made was that I packed too much clothing.
It will be summer so take a couple pairs of shorts, maybe 5 or 6 tops, take a pair of jeans or trackies, a jumper or hoodie, summer dresses too.
Pack a nice dress for if you go and watch a orchestra in Prague like I did.
Make sure you have comfy walking shoes and sandles or thongs/flipfops.
Just remember you can take a small bag on the coach. Have a jumper/hoodie in there as it can get cool on the bus after a while and have snacks and bottled water as well.

I hope this helps.
If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
Sarah :smiley:


Hey girls, my boyfriend and I will be joining this tour on the 21st in Athens!


Hey Sarah…

A question about money. I have the commonwealth travel card and it gives me GBP and Euros but for the others, will there be somewhere to exchange money at a good rate or should I take small amounts of cash in each currency?

Thanks again for you help x


Hey Lauren
Not long now :grin:


Hey Christine :smile:

That’s good that you have a travel card. Just double check that it works so you don’t have any issues with it while you are on your trip. Maybe take some money out in Euros for just in case.

I know you will need Swiss Francs (Switzerland), Czech Koruna (Prague) and Hungary Forint (Budapest).
If you want to go Skydiving in the Swiss Alps you will need cash on you. There is a little town you can walk to from where you are staying and I am pretty sure there was an ATM there.
In Prague there was a place to convert money and there are ATM’s there too.
Budapest there was an ATM just down the road from the Hostel. Keep in mind that $1AU is roughly 207.50 Hungary Forint.
Our tour guide Kata told us roughly where ATM’s were and what money we needed for certain countries.

I was able to order $500 of each currency along with Euro and British Pound just in case to couldn’t get to an ATM.
I hope this helps.

I can’t believe how fast you trip in coming up. I feel like I just got home from my tour.
You are going to have the best time.

Just remember if you need anything or have anymore questions just let me know.
Sarah x :kissing_heart:


I will be joining in Prague, super excited :), its so soon


Hey All,

Just a quick little message.

I hope you all have a really good time on your trip.

You are going to have the best time. Experience as much as you can and try things you have never done before, you may surprise yourself with what you are capable of. Keep in mind that you can sleep on the coach and after the trip.
Be prepared for all nighters!!

You will laugh lots and drink lots and then BAM is all over.
Then there will be a few tears at the end when you have to say goodbye, but just remember you make friends for life.

Have heaps of FUN and keep safe.

:kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: