European Pioneer 2012


Hi all,
I am looking at going on this trip this year around June/July.

I was wondering, does anyone know if we will visit a concentration camp at all on this tour?



I don’t recall seeing that in the descriptions of the tour. I’m booked for 31st May. Can’t wait. Still waiting on the admin team to answer me on Facebook though about whether I will need a sleeping back on this one for the overnight yacht to Greece and if we need out own towels (beach towels). Also wanted to know if the Macpac Gemini Backpack was ok as it has a frame for the adjustable shoulder straps and I read on here somewhere no framed packs allowed?


Yes I think you may be right. I saw it on the map in the brochure though its not on the web or itinarary. I was thinking of also doing Mega European for that reason. Those are interesting questions actually, havent thought too much into that part yet. Yeah I did read that no framed packs allowed. Im thinking it a good idea to bring your own towel but you never know best to wait and see what they say!


It wasn’t on the old interiry but i read somewhere it now goes mauthausen cc, just had a look but i can’t find it again.
I don’t think you need a sleeping bag unless you are doing flotilla sailing.
You need your own towels (beach and shower)


its listed in the europe 2012 brochure


Hi Leigh, I’m booked for the 5th July departure for European Pioneer :slight_smile: Would be awesome if you’re thinking of the same trip!


Cool! Well Im Definately thinking of 5th July…! :slight_smile:


I’m booked for the 7th of June travelling solo so keen to get in touch with others on the tour :slight_smile:


I’m booked on the 6th of September, and also traveling solo. Traveling from Brisbane, Australia and keen to know if anyone else Aus might be travelling???


Hey Martin, I’m booked for the 6th September for the European pioneer also… I’m from Perth… My friend is still deciding whether she is coming if not I’m going solo also… It’s gonna be an amazing trip and I’m so excited!! :slight_smile:


Is anyone going on this tour on the 22nd july? im not booked yet but this is the one i want to go on.
flying solo so I would love to find other people that are going. :slight_smile:


I’m booked on the 24th May departure travelling solo. Anyone else…?


I am booked for the 7th July, with 3 friends,

Its going to be a great trip!! :slight_smile:


I’m booked for the 26th July departure. Travelling solo so would love to see who else is going!


Hey Beck!! You’re the first one I’ve found that is booked in for the same time as me, which is awesome! I can hardly wait either! It seems we’re in a similar situation, I have a friend as well that’s umm-ing and ahh-ing over it as well… For the moment, am just happy to be booked. ;D