European Pioneer 2011 (HTED)


I’ve looked into whether or not I need visas for any of the countries we go to for the European Pioneer tour, but looks like Aussies don’t need them. Has anyone else looked into this?? Want to make sure that I haven’t overlooked it. Also is anyone else doing this tour starting on the 12th May??


Hi Erin,

I am going on Timeless Trail, which is European Pioneer but finishing in Athens, starting May 5th. My travel agent told me that no visas were required for Aussies. That being said, I have found my travel agent to be pretty useless, so maybe someone else may be able to confirm this. I am 98% sure that no visas are required.


Hey Cathy,
Yeah I am pretty sure we don’t need visas, i got given a website by my top deck consultant where u can check the country u are going to and it gives u the answer. Hopefully it is correct, I’m sure it is. So does that mean u will be on my tour or the one just before?


Hi Erin,

I’m going on the European Pioneer Tour departing May 12th - can’t wait - not long to go now!

I’ve talked to my travel agent and I emailed Topdeck and have been informed that we don’t need visas for any of the countries.

Are you coming on the tour alone or do you have friends coming too?

I’m from Australia and am going on the tour with my friend Alyce…

Looking forward to our holiday and meeting you!



Hey Steph
I’m doing the tour on my own, so close now!
How funny that you’re from Bendigo, I used to live there when i was a kid, and i have so much family from there. Will have to figure out if we know the same people!
Looking forward to meeting you!