European Pioneer 2 Sep 2010



Im thinking of going on this tour, is anyone else going?



Hi Caitlin,

I’m going on the 9th September European Pioneer trip.



Hi Caitlin,

Im booked on this trip. Have you decided on going yet?? :slight_smile:


Hi Sara,

Yes, I have booked it :slight_smile: pretty exciting! Are you traveling by yourself?


Yep, Im travelling alone… Ive never done a tour like this before, so really looking forward to it. Hope its worth it for the money you spend.

Im from CHCH in New Zealand. Where are you from??

Its great to find someone going on the tour… thought i mite be the only one!! lol



Me neither, its a little scary but hopefully it will be a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Im from NSW in Australia, how old are you?

I was thinking the same thing, its really good to talk to someone before it starts :slight_smile:

are you staying in London for anytime before or after the tour?



Hey Caitlin its a shame you arent doing the 16th of septmeber tour :frowning: im doing that one and from nsw aswell :slight_smile:


Hi Brooke,

I was going to ask if you would be spending any time in London after your tour finished but i just looked and it finishes the day i fly out :frowning: would have been good to catch up - where abouts in NSW are you from?

I hope you have a great time on tour!

Caitlin :slight_smile:


Hey Caitlin,

Im probably like, one of the oldest on the tour. Im 29. Do you mind me asking, how old you are??

I arrive in London on the 31st of August. Im suppose to be staying at a friends house that nite, and then im staying at the Clink hostel on the nite of the 1st of Sep. Thought it would be alot easier then trying to find where we are departing from in the early morning.

Im staying in London for 7nites when we return from the tour.

What date are you arriving in London??

Do you have a facebook page?? If you do, you can join me as a friend, (It should be under Sara Hauiti)


Hey Sara,

I might be one of the youngest, almost 19 :slight_smile:

I am arriving in London on the 1st and staying at the Clink that night. Seemed like the easiest way to go about it. Im staying in London for 12 nights after the tour, where are you staying?

I’ll add you on facebook now :slight_smile:

Caitlin :slight_smile:


hi Caitlin its a shame you arent leaving on teh 16th of september tour! oh well :slight_smile: i am from maitland which is near newcastle (if your still not sure 2 hours from Sydney lol) how about you?



Hi Brooke,

Yeah i know where that is :slight_smile: Its getting pretty close now! I fly out in a week and a half, when are you leaving for your trip? Stopping over anywhere?

I hope you have a fantastic time!



Hi Everyone,

      I am doing this tour on Sept 2. Nice to meet you guys.


Hi May,

Awesome, are you staying at the Clink?