European Pioneer 1st August - 6th September 2018


Hey guys!

i just booked this trip and am from Perth, WA.

has anyone booked this trip yet? Im doing 9 days of London after this trip, are any of you guys staying back to explore london?

let me know where you guys are from and if you are staying back



Hey guys!
I am also booked for this tour with my flatmate and we are both from Christchurch, NZ.

We are planning on staying back in Europe for a week after the trip :slight_smile:
We will be in London before the trip starts!


Hey! Yes I have booked this as well for 1st August - 6th September 2018.

I’m from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. I have friends living in London so I’ll stay there for a few weeks before and after the trip also! So excited - bring it on!