European Pioneer 19th May 2011


Hi All,

I have just booked this tour and am super excited - just wanting to see if anyone else has also got themselves on this tour?

If you have I’d love to hear from you as I shall be travelling solo - also I booked into the clink the night before - figured that’d be easy and might get to meet up for a drink with other tour members before leaving yay :slight_smile:


Hi Marie

Yep there’s a few of us going - there’s a post way further down somewhere which you can probably find if you search 19 May Pioneer… And I think all of us are staying at least one night beforehand at the Clink and planning to meet up for a few drinks before the tour!! Aarg now it’s just a waiting game - 13 weeks!! Although I’m sure time will fly by.

Are you doing the tour and then going straight home or some more travelling/living overseas first?


Hey Laura - thanks for the reply - will check out that post further down now.

I am moving over to work/travel so will be around after the tour for sure. I booked into the clink the night before too so drinks would be awse.

Will check out the other post and post a msg or too on that - its getting very exciting - i leav in just over 4 weeks for the uk now argghh as have tour in turkey in april first :slight_smile:


Fantastic - hope you have a great time in Turkey! I’m hoping to head over there next year. I’m also moving to the UK permanently but not leaving for another 11 weeks. The count down is torture - I’m not a very patient person!! :slight_smile:


Hey Laura,

It’s so awesome you are also making the big move to the uk too - I’m told we will all have the time of our lives so pretty excited bout the whole thing.

My email is if u want to msg and keep in contact as I will be away from end march but will be in the clink the night before so if u lemme know if everyone is catching up the night before and i will join you guys :slight_smile:

Also where abouts r u thinking of starting off in the uk - have u ne ideas whether you wanna be in london or south etc??? :slight_smile:


Hey Marie

Not long until you leave then!! My email’s - will keep you updated re drinks at the Clink

I’m starting off in London coz I have an aunt/uncle there who are letting me stay with them until I suss out a job and some accommodation. Other than that, I don’t really have any plans and will go where I get a job - provided it’s got an airport so I can pop across to Europe in the weekends (well that’s the dream… fingers crossed!)

What about you?


Hey Guys,

My partner and I will also be on this tour too. Am so excited like the rest of you. Only 12 weeks to go! Wish I was going over to live in London, that would be so exciting. I look forward to meeting you all.



Hey Isabel - will be good to meet you too!

I’ve created a facebook group for our tour - looks like it’s worked out well for previous groups and it’s easier to keep track of than various posts (which get pushed down the list pretty fast). Hopefully we can suss out meeting up at the Clink on the 18th too! The link is!/home.php?sk=group_166905006695444 or you could try searching European Pioneer 19 May 2011.