European Pioneer 19th July


[size=4][font=Arial Black]Hey Everyone! Therese and I are flatmates and are going on the European Pioneer leaving July 19th[/font][/size] ;D [size=4][font=Arial Black] We are hoping to meet some other people who will be on the same trip as us and are thinking of creating a Facebook group via Top Deck as well. Look forward to hearing from you [/font][/size] :wink:


I’m going on this trip too! Cannot wait! A Facebook page would be a fab idea! :slight_smile:


We are going on this trip too :slight_smile:


am thinking of going on this trip too, just have to make sure that i get the time off work and money. i’m 26, female and from melbourne. its taken me ages to actually decide to go on this trip, most excited to go to barcelona, prague and meteora.


ps think a facebook page would be awesome


I’m going on this trip too! Can’t wait!

I was originally booked on the Mega European departing 14 August, but have just switched to the European Pioneer 19 July :slight_smile:

I’m a kiwi (29 yo female) living in London, so if anyone is in London anytime before the trip, feel free to PM me and we can meet up before the trip :slight_smile: