European Pioneer 19 MAY 2011


Hi I am doing the European Pioneer tour late May 2011 early June solo wondering if any one else is planning this same trip and if you have any advice and must do’s Thanks


New dates are out this tour is leaving the 19th May pretty excited first time overseas long way off but already keen as stopping over in China on way over to walk the wall. Any one else planning this tour?


Hi Steve

I am also booking this tour for May next year! I’m so excited ;D and can’t wait for the new brochure to come out so I can check dates. Where did you find the 2011 dates?

Lisa :slight_smile:


Oh and this will be my third time overseas. Second solo trip (went to Greece for 6 months in '07)
Tips this far in advance? Just look forward to it and save lots of $$$! When it comes to trip time, the biggest tip is - pack light. Lay out the bare minimum you want to take and then halve it. 20kgs is the max for most airlines (economy) and also on the top deck bus. I’ll be buying a backpack as I don’t fancy carrying a suitcase around again (especially at accommodations where there are no lifts, only stairs - you will encounter that a lot in Europe and after a long day the last thing you want is to lug your suitcase upstairs ;))


Hey Lisa cool to here from you, My travel agent talked to top Deck rep to get dates. He said another two weeks till books come out they were just finalising stop offs, as this trip was so popular and sold out last year. :wink: Saving $$$ lol trying too.


Hey we just spoke with our travel agent and the new tour book is out for 2011

we have just booked seats for August 18th !!!

looking forward to it


How exciting! I just saw the new brochure too. I’m thinking of a late My/early June departure. Anyoen go around then this year? What was the weather like? I’d so love to see the Swiss Alps in spring bloom! I love Spring in Europe.


Im booking tomorrow for the 26th of June, so excited :slight_smile:


I signed up yesterday for the 19 May trip - really looking forward to it!! :slight_smile: Anyone else doing that date?


My Partner and I signed up yesterday for the 21st July 2011. We couldn’t find anything that compaired to this tour. It should be amazing.


Hey Laura im booked for the 19th stoked going to have a blast. What part of N.Z are you from?


Hi Steve, I’m in Auckland. Where are you? Aarg can’t believe it’s still over 6 months away!


Hi Laura yeah i know long way away but coming around real fast was a year away when I first planned it lol. Im from Whakatane


i booked today for the 19th May, very very excited!!!


Awesome - looking forward to meeting you guys next year!!


I got given 1 of the quick dry travel towels took it to Samoa last week they are primo will save a heap of room in your pack.


Thanks for the tip! Are you heading straight back after your trip? I’m making the big move to the UK!


spending the night at clink then off to L.A for 10 days to hang out with micky and donald lol


Have you booked your flights Laura ? im flying out of auckland on the 14th stopping in China to see the wall for 2 nights you keen going to be pretty lonely for 3 days not talking to any one my Chinese is non existant lol


Hey sounds like you’ve got an awesome trip planned. :slight_smile: I haven’t booked my flights yet but I’m trying to go via Vancouver so I can catch up with my brother who lives in Canada.

I went to Singapore on my own for 2 days about 5 yrs ago and had fun - but probably did spend a fair bit of time at a mall (mainly coz it was so hot outside), which might not be your thing.