European pioneer 18th August - 22nd September


Myself and two others have booked this trip and wondering who else will be coming along! would love to get to know some of you before it starts!


Hiya! I’m Ally I have also booked this trip, looking forward to it only 4 months away now so excited!! :blush::heavy_check_mark:


Hi Ally. Im doing this trip with Leah. Its getting so close!
Are you travelling alone or with others?
Let us know if you want to meet before the trip :smile:


hi Eden
im traveling alone haha, it would be great to meet before the trip!! im flying out on the 14th as i wanted to give myself the extra days at the hostel to meet everyone, iv also given myself 4 extra days after the trip to check out ocktober fest what about you guys? :smile:


hey ally,
Go you for travelling alone!
We get into London on the 16th so will have the 2 days beforehand to check everything out - Will be sure to meet you then!
We then do the Britain and Ireland tour straight after which leaves 25th August.



I’m doing the Great Eastern which joins up with your tour in Athens! So close now, I’m so excited.

I’m travelling alone too. I’m from New Zealand - whereabouts are you guys from? :blush:



Hey Jade, Me, Leah and another mate are travelling from NZ to, Yay for another Kiwi. Do you have any other plans while you’re there?


Hi Eden,

I’m doing a tour of Turkey before this trip and I’m off to Oktoberfest after which should be fun! Then I’ve got a month to make my way around to London before heading home again.

Only 7 weeks until i leave, it’s so exciting!


hi jade! im from nz as well haha were all kiwis!
thats awsome that your traveling alone! oktoberfest will be awsome i was going to do it but i fly out of london on the 26th of sept so i might just hang around london instead.
getting close now!