European Pioneer 17th May 2012-anyone going?



Planning to go on the european pioneer tour, trying to decide on which date to go.

Just wanted to see if anyones going on the 17th May? cos ive seen loads of people post about other dates but not this one.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey Ruth,
found 9 people including myself that are going on the 17th May one, and its changed to limited availability so must be nearly full. Leaving tomorrow to do a bit of travel before the tour!


Hey guys :slight_smile: I’m doing this one as well! So pumped!


Hiya guys

Yeh ive booked it now, so excited!

I was getting worried that it would be empty because no one was replying so i actually called
up and asked yesterday and they said at the moment there’s 30 people on the tour.