European Pioneer 17th June 2010


Hey :)!
I have searched the forums and could not find anyone else on this tour!When my cousin and I booked we got the last two places, so I know youre out there!!
We are both really excited and nervous!
Hoping to make a few friends before we travel, neither of us have done any travelling overseas before.



I too am on this tour! :slight_smile: Really looking forward to starting it, I left Aus in Feb and am travelling around the UK and Ireland First. Ireland is really Cool, and I’m heading to Scotland next Sunday!

There is no need to be nervous everyones in the same boat I suppose! Another 2 people i know are doing the same tour! Are you Going to London a few days before the tour begins?




I’m on this tour too - traveling by myself so it’s great to hear from some of you before June…I’m staying at the Clink for 3 days before the trip and then I’ll spend 2 weeks after visiting friends and family.

June can’t come soon enough!



Oh awsome!i would love to see ireland and scotland, but cannot afford that long off work, and i would miss my bf too…ill have to make another trip :)…

hi eleanor!!yaay! i know only 9 weeks now…it has come SSOOOOO quickly! we are also staying at clink! we arrive there 2 nights before we leave for the tour, so it will give us all a great opportunity to mingle before hand!! ooh i am getting so excited now.

do you guys know anything about the optional tours? apparently there is a list we can get with all the optionals including prices, but i cannot seem to find it? i want to bring enough money that i can really enjoy myself not be a tight ass becausei didnt bring enough…



I am also doing this tour. Im starting on the this tour and will then travel Europe for about another month and a half before I go to Africa.
Im soo excited! :slight_smile:

I think I might stay at the clink the night before the trip so we can mingle!!!


Great! I am getting really nervous…so excited though!
I have started packing ha!
I think most people on the tour will be staying at either clink or the other topdeck motel the night before too so it would definately be a great idea!
Jess and i will be staying for 3 nights after the tour as well so we can have a look around london town!


Hello All,

I will be doing this tour with a friend from school. She will be staying 6 nights at Clink, while I will be staying 3. We are spending 2 weeks in Scotland with her family after the tour. Then doing a 21 day Cosmos tour of the UK and Ireland. We have both done a bit of travelling. I spent a year in France on exchange after high school. I will be spending a month with my host family before coming back to Australia to pay this trip off. :slight_smile: We both live in Sydney.

Optional extras


Pre-departure info


Hi guys,

I’m friends with Lauren and like she said I’ll be arriving in London on the 11th June. Nothing much to add to Lauren’s intro. Looking forward to meeting all of you ;D!


Hey girls…looking forward to meeting you at Clink! We arrive on the 15th…so you will be very well settled in by the time we get there! Only 4 weeks now…! How is the idea of packing going?
Anyone else struggling with minimal outfits :frowning: I know I can buy alot there and it is a lame thought to have…but it is still hard.
Ps. how old is everyone?


HI everyone, im travelling with you guys on my own on the 17th :slight_smile: im 20 and from the uk, ill be at the clink on the 16th see you all there



Hey guys my names Katrina (20) and i’m from New Zealand. I’m staying at the Clink the night before the tour starts and the night after the tour ends, then hopefully go visiting friends in the U.K. Not long to go i’m very exxxxcciiiteed.


Oh wow…only 2 wks to go…anyone else very scared? I am so nervous…i dont know why ill kick myself when i get there! See you all in a couple of wks ;D


yeeessss, very scared, never done anything like this before, alllllll on my own :frowning: sooooooo very excited though :)…looking forward to meeting you all, and glad theres lots of girls…not impressed with the lack of clothing!! see u next week guys x