European Pioneer - 15 September


Hi Folks

Just wondering who’ll be coming on this tour. I’ll be travelling down from Scotland the day before and staying the night at the Clink (and 1 night after the tour).

It would be good to touch base with people beforehand and find out how everyone’s prep is going.

Sarah :slight_smile:

P.S. If anyone’s interested in visiting Edinburgh, I can recommend places etc. It’s an absolutely stunning city (I’ve been here 4 1/2 years)


Hi Sarah,

I’m on this tour… CANNOT WAIT!!! Staying at Clink 13th & 14th and again for a couple of nights after tour!

Have not done any preparation as yet… I guess when the time creaps closer this will change.

Great to hear from someone on the trip… was waiting for a post haha :slight_smile:


No prep?? Me too. As this will be my final trip before I head back to NZ I’m trying to sort out all the formalities here before I can even think about the tour. Will have to start soon though, I’m running out of time.

I too was waiting for someone to post. Are you travelling solo?



Sure am…!

Wow, you best go out with a bang then hey - for your final trip before heading home!!! I’m moving to France to work in the snowfields after this tour, its just the beginning for me ;D

Meeting a few mates (locals) in London the night before the tour whom I travelled with in America, it’s all too exciting haha…! Can’t wait to touch base with everyone on our tour beforehand - I keep looking at the itinerary thinking… HOLY SH*T THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!! haha

AND all the options on our trip too… seriously like a kid in a candy shop right now!

It could be just us two Pioneerians at this stage… HA… or a shy bunch :wink:

Do you know if other tours join/leave ours? I wonder how many will be on the Pioneer…!



I may be meeting up with an old workmate who’s in London at the time on the 14th but not sure yet.

France? Sweet, you’ll be the translator while we’re there. I’m sticking with you - The Two Pioneerians!!! :wink:

I think I’m going to try to do as many of the optional extras as possible apart from the skydive. Hell no, not for me!!! I’ve also read posts about folk going to the Moulin Rouge instead of the cabaret when in Paris. Hmmm, something to think about.

I think that the Timeless Trail starts with us, then we’re joined by about 3 more tours along the way.

I’m gonna be a total nerd and say 55 days to go!!! ;D


Hi Guys

I will be on this tour, can’t wait!! Im actually spending a month in the UK before the tour, so I’m leaving very soon. I haven’t done too much prep, just been going through the itinerary online…so much to do, so little time.


Hey Guys… I’m gunna be joining you for part of your trip…I’m only doing the great eastern trip…greece through to Prague…as I’ve already done the other countries and those activities on a different topdeck trip… So much fun…heading to Oktoberfest again first and travelling over to Bulgaria with friends can’t wait to get back over to Europe… I’ve never joined a tour during it before, hopefully it should be as much fun…and make some more travelling friends…



Hi everyone!!! Me and my two friends will be on the trip. So excited! we’ll be staying in the Clink hotel from the 13th. Can’t wait to meet you all :slight_smile:


Well, Erin, “boongaus” (sorry don’t know your real name), Chris and Emma & Co. I look forward to meeting you all in London and along the way. :slight_smile:


Hi sara, Erin, and all

my name is valentina from melbourne aus.

i will be joining this trip too(solo), will be staying at the clink from the night before. would be great to catch up with you all from the night before.

feel free to email

cant wait…




Can’t wait to meet you all and have the time of our lives ;D

37 days!!!


Hello Everyone!!!

My friend and I will also be doing this tour, we’ll be staying at the clink the night it starts.
Hope to catch up with you all for a drink before our adventure begins!


Almost time!!!

Hope you all have a safe journey to London/Paris. See you on the 14th/15th.



Hey guys,
I am also on this tour! I will be staying at the Clink hostel from Sept 11th until our tour starts! I’m coming from Austalia. I’d love to catchup with everyone before the trip starts! Looking forward to meeting you all! I’m very excited about now!!2 more sleeps for me!
See you all soon,
Safe travels.
Kat :slight_smile:


Righto. Valentina and I are going to meet up on the evening of the 14th. My facebook profile is

Message me etc and I’ll pass on my mobile number.

Would really like to get a group together to break the ice. See you soon.