European Pioneer 15 July 2010


Hello everyone,

I’ve just joined Topdeck and will be going on the 15 July 2010 European Pioneer tour. Just wondering if there’s anyone out there that has joined the same group same time. Also would like some feedback from people who have done this tour before.

Selina :slight_smile:


Hi Selina

Yay ur on the same tour as me ;D
Looking forward to meeting you.


Hi Misch

That’s so awesome! Feel like I’ve made a friend already ;D. So looking forward to meeting with you too.
Have you joined Topdeck before? I see you are from Sydney. When are you flying to London?


Its my first time with Topdeck. I have never been to Europe before and am doing the trip solo so its a big adventure for me. Im arriving in London on the 10th of Jul. How about you?


Hi Misch,

Me too, first time doing it, solo. I will arrive in London July 14 morning. So excited…
My travel agent advised me to book ClinkHostel since TopDeck is picking us up there. Are you staying in a hostel? have you booked it yet? And I went to shop for backpack today. Looks like there are not a lot of selection in Vancouver. Have to keep looking.


I’ll be arriving in London on the 10th and have planned to stay with a friend. Although I was thinking of maybe staying at the Clink the night before depending on how early we leave the next day and how far away my friend lives from there. All I know is that she’s across the rd from a train station that’s quite central to the city area. Havent actually gotten around to organising this tiny little detail yet, just hope that if I do need to book a room there will still be some available!
Im bringing a suitcase coz I dont really want to fork out money for a backpack that I will rarely use anyway since im more comfortable packing in a suitcase. I just feel like a suitcase fits more stuff than a backpack! Plus the money I save from purchasing new luggage could be much more useful to filling my suitcase with goodies on the way home, if you know what I mean! :wink:


Hi Misch,

Yes, I know what you mean, couldn’t agree with you more there. Yesterday I went to look for backpacks too (those ones with wheels), not cheap, one for $120 and the other one about $375. Yikes! I start to keep a list of things I want/must bring with me…that list is growing bigger everyday, so yeah a luggage fits more stuff, just not sure if they really going to allow that on the bus, cuz they stated that only backpacks are allowed.
BTW, did you find anybody else on this forum that will be going on the same tour with us?

Hoping July comes fast(er) ;D


Havent heard from anyone else that’s doing the whole European Pioneer tour from beginning to end.
Dont worry if you cant afford a backpack, i’ve read other people have brought a suitcase so it’s definitely allowed.
My main concern at the moment is making sure im under the weight limit. Im aiming at 10kg to start of with so I have space for shopping but when I think about what is included in my packing list, in particular toiletries, straightner/hairdryer and shoes, its going to almost take up all of that already and that’s not even including my clothes!!


Yay!!! Finally found some ppl!!!

Hi I’m Laura from Perth,WA and I’ll be joining you both on the pioneer July 15th!

Getting a little excited!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Laura

Woohooo!! Great to hear from you! It makes it even more exciting to hear from someone else on tour ;D
I have 87 days till I leave ;D
What are your plans for the night before? Will you be staying at the hostel?
Havent decided yet whether I should stay the night before as I have free accomodation with a friend. Any suggestions?


Hey Guys

Me too !! Will be on European Pioneer 15 July and then Berlin to Oslo end August. Very excited ! Trying to plan my few days in London prior to the tour, so much I want to do…
I will be arriving in London 12 July and staying at Clink. I am Brazilian, living in Australia since 2000.
Dulce (Brisbane) :-*


Hellooooo Misch & Liv!!!

I’m a bit excitable! I see you’re from Sydney & Brisy, cool cool! I’m staying in the hostel the night b4, I’m heading to the UK on July 5th, as I’m originally from there so will be spending time with my family/friends b4 I head down to London. I’m a Northern UK girl (Yorkshire) so will need to be closer to London for DEPARTURE B-). I’ve just been back to UK in feb for a month, first time I’ve been since I emigrated to OZ in 2006…was tres cold!!! :’( Saw snow for first time in 5yrs! That will be long gone b4 July tho yay!!
Have either of you been to Europe b4??? I’ve been to a few countries when I lived in England but can’t wait to see the whole thing!!! Yay!!!

laura xx

PS Are you girls on facebook? If so & if you can find me, add me, its Laura Temple ( :slight_smile:


Hi girls, I’m Patty. I’m also on this tour as of today. I was supposed to be on the April 22 one, but due to volcano my plans were all messed up. I was definitely majorly disappointed but i figure it happened for some reason right? lol…so now i have three months to wait for this but i’m looking forward to meeting you guys! I’m from Canada in the Toronto area…just spent two months travelling in Australia and loved it!


Hi Patty!

Nice to meet you, thats a shame about ur plans! Oh well we’ll have fun I’m sure :slight_smile: Australia is a pretty fantastic place isn’t it!



Hey ladies! It’s getting close!
Just wondering what kind of clothes you guys were planning on bringing…I’m assuming it’s going to be very hot so I don’t really want to bring too many warm clothes like a jacket or running shoes…but then I don’t know what to do about Switzerland and the snow on the mountain. Any ideas?

Do you guys know anyone else going on this tour? Hopefully we have some boys to balance things out lol


Hey I too am going on this tour with you! I’m quite excited! I’m from Calgary in Canada. I’m out traveling before the tour, but I’ll be staying at the hostel before, what about you all?


Did you guys figure out your backpack situation out? I started backpacking about a week ago here and my suggestion is to go with the minimum! I have a 40L bag and it’s awesome to had one so small! Ya I understand I’m a guy and maybe a bit easier haha but I have found it is worth the ease of travel to go small! Selina, did you figure your bag situation out? You were looking in Van for a bag, did you check out Mountain Equipment Co-op? I think you should have one.


Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

Patty - I’m still not sure what to take :S, mainly shorts singlets etc I recks -keeping the packing down :slight_smile: I dnt know about a big coat though, dnt think ill have room, I’ll def be taking some runners of some form though :slight_smile: are u takin hairdryer etc??

my rucksack is pretty big!! hehe! I just figured that I dnt have to fill it but at least I have room to put things in.

Is any1 grabbing their free sim b4 you go?? I didn’t know if it was worth getting???

its getting close… :slight_smile:

Laura :slight_smile: x


Also… does anyone have an idea of how much they are taking on a travelex card or similar??? :slight_smile:


hi laura!

yeah i hope just a sweater and runners will be okay for jungfrau…other than that im bringing a lot of dresses…yes i am bringing a travel hairdryer and a hair straightener…otherwise my hair would look horrible because it doesn’t dry nicely on its own

i am getting an international plan for my phone for the month and a half so i will be using that

as far as money, i have no idea how much i will end up spending lol

ps. feel free to add me on facebook everyone: Patricia Wawryka -
we should start some sort of group on there